Summer Pleasure in London with Latin Girls in Bikinis

Latin Stunners and Their Summer Bikinis That Will Turn You On

The bikini was invented in 1946 by Parisian fashion designer Louis Réard. Reard had noticed on his summer trips to the beaches of St. Tropez that female bathers were rolling up the edges of their swimsuits tomidriff exposed. Read more

Latin Escort and Famous Brands

World’s Famous Brands Loved by Latin Girls of Lilyfields

Like most girls who like to have fun and enjoy life, Lilyfields escorts love to shop and to treat themselves to luxurious items. Whether it be haute couture fashion, designer handbags, seriously sexy lingerie or killer heels, you can always expect a Lilyfields lady to be dressed to impress. Read more

PopularPerfume of Latin Escorts

Popular Perfume of Latin Girls

Here at Lilyfields, we often get asked by clients about what kinds of presents (especially popular perfume) they can bring the lady they are due to meet. Naturally, any gifts are at the discretion of the gentleman, and are in no way expected, although they are always gratefully received. Read more

Best Markets in London - Vintage Beauty

Best Markets of London

Lilyfields escorts open new horizons for the visitors of London! They put markets on the list of best London’s sights. London is still the place where markets have their share of popularity with its residents and guests, there one can find something that luxurious stores cannot offer – the spirit of the past, memorabilia and fun!  Read more

Fashion Update from Escorts

Escorts’ Fashion Update

Lilyfields is proud of its girls for their style and taste, this is something that they cannot be deprived of. One can easily rely on the fashion update from our trendy girls as it is difficult to find somebody who would know the latest trends of beau monde of London better than them.  Read more

Sexy Garment of Escorts

Sexy Garment of Escorts

Lilyfields girls take a great care of the sexy garment they wear, they try to keep up-to-date with the latest novelties in this sphere of fashion and choose the underwear of the best brands. So our girls look gorgeous every time. Stockings are one of the escorts’ attributes that take a special place in their wardrobe.  Read more

Most Beautiful Escorts

The Most Beautiful Women in the World

Who are the most beautiful women in the world and are they really the icons of beauty? One of Lilyfields girls turns over the pages of popular fashion magazines comparing the lists of the most attractive females of the world and best London escorts.  Read more

Fashion Style for Big Events of London

Fashion Style for Big Events

Lilyfields escort girls are good at dressing up for various big events they are frequently booked for. They know what it is better to have on celebrity gatherings, club outings and other parties hosted in London. Here’re our tips for the choice of dresses, hairdo, makeup, shoes – fashion style for big events.  Read more

The 1950s Fashion Style

Blonde Girls and 1950s

Lilyfields escorts are undoubtedly stylish girls who charm their clients with the variety of images. Blonde companions are considered some of the most extravagant and classic-styled women as they resort to different fashion clothes in their everyday life. The 1950s fashion style is one of the beloved ones for our blonde girls.  Read more

Escorts' Panties

Escorts’ Lingerie: Knickers!

There are a lot of things Lilyfields escorts are fond of and naturally giving due to their femininity they are true fans of beautiful underwear. There are escort girls who are particularly keen on certain thing of underwear – panties. Here is the story of one Lilyfields escort who confesses her weakness for panties.  Read more

A Vamp Girl

Vamp Girls

Lilyfields escorts are sometimes unpredictable. They often like experimenting with their looks. One of the most popular appearance changes of our girls is a Vamp style! Vampish looks make them stand out from the crowd of escort girls and take advantage over them. Vamp girls attract those men who are tired of the monotony and ordinariness of life.  Read more

Fashion and Escorting

Common Grounds: Escorting and Fashion

Finding similarities of escorting and fashion businesses, one should understand that both of them have the common ground. Beauty is something that can be checked as the thing that unites the industries in its more general understanding. When we have a closer look at them, there will appear more similarities which we have highlighted in our article.  Read more

St. Valentine's Dress Ideas

Best Dresses for St. Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine is a special day for all people in love. Most girls want to look special on this day, some of them begin creating their St. Valentine’s image long before the holiday. How to choose the best dresses for St. Valentine’s Day ? All the tips are here 😉  Read more

Fashion Styles 0f 2014

Fashion Trends of 2014

Escorts are females who always try to be in trend. They are fashion-conscious and are aware of the latest changes and news in fashion industry. This is one of their secrets of success with clients. Fashionable clothes are not just the way to be beautiful but also the way to express oneself and tell the world about your personality. That is why escorts are always tuned in to ‘mode’. Here are fashion trends of 2014. Read more

New Year 2014 Dresses

They say that a good beginning makes a good ending. So it is very important to have everything prepared for the celebration of the coming New Year 2014. There are things that will definitely put a good beginning to the year 2014, why not use them? According to the Eastern horoscope 2014 is the year of a blue wooden horse. Fashionable escort girls are ready to share their ideas for the best New Year 2014 dresses.  Read more

Getting Naked Prfessionally

Have you ever thought of how you undress? The way we take our clothes off is not important for a girl until she becomes an escort or a model or both. Nudity is an inseparable part of escorting and modeling business and if a girl becomes part of either of them should know how to get naked professionally, artistically and beautifully.  Read more

Are All Escorts Models

There is a great number of models who become escorts after their modelling career. Some of them try to combine working as an escort and being a model. Why do girls often face the chance of starting working in the escorts’ business? Escorts are models and vice versa. Read more

Models Become Escorts

Escorts industry is mostly filled with former models and indeed escorts are often called models by most escorts agencies’ owners. It is not only because the services they provide are highly professional but also these girls are ex-models. So what makes many models continue their career in escort agencies?

Read more

Spring of Escorts

When spring comes, it seems everything comes into action and life starts seething. London escorts have the best times of work beginning with spring. They have a lot of outcall bookings that presuppose accompanying clients on holidays. All popular holiday resorts open pleasure opportunities and a perfect place of work for most escorts. Spring of escorts is officially he best time! Read more

New Year Dresses 2013

Preparing for the New Year cannot be enough if you do not have your dress ready. Lilyfields escorts have prepared a set of ideas for the best New Year dresses 2013. The snake is the symbol of the coming year so all the dresses should have something resembling features of a snake – a colour, a pattern or a form. Get more advice reading on the article.

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Love Horoscope

There are a lot of ways of how to knock until your dream guy hears you. Our ancestors knew one very interesting peculiarity about how to attract a person. This peculiarity is connected with the time of the year – seasons. Today there is psychology and astrology that give us lots of information about people around. Escort use it in their seduction games and in their aims to establish long relationships with clients. So they introduce their love horoscope.

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Fashion within Limits

What is fashion within limits? Actually, it is a rather disputable question because it is even difficult to have a definite answer the question – what is fashion. The article presents the escorts concept of how to form an individual style unlike of the most women and be extraordinary with elements that a girl considers the most important ones in her image.

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Stockings for Women

There are a lot of female and male views on stockings for women. And all of them have the right to exist. The article has the aim to inform the readers of some general opinions connected with female stockings and women wearing stockings. Girls have always wanted to attract male attention and be beautiful and special for their only ones. So stockings are one of the shortest ways to do it.

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Elegant Women

Elegance… Only smart women can afford this luxury, those who do not seek fashion but want to create their own image. Of course, it is not an easy task to do. It is necessary to understand what elegance is and what are some universal methods to achieve it. There are a lot of really elegant escorts at Lilyfields agency and they would be glad to help other women to look elegant too.

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Brunettes with Green Eyes

Brunette versus blondes – it is not relevant nowadays. Both the female types are very popular with men. However, nowadays there is a tendency for brunette girls to reach the leading positions in a silent beauty contest. Brunette girls with green eyes represent the highest interest in this question. What is a portrait of a brunette beauty with green eyes? What canons of fashion should she stick to and which of them avoid? Look deeper into the discussion.

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Inside of Female Bags

Female bags are well aware of all the women secrets, so if a man wants to know some of them, he should look into it. British psychologists have proved the fact that women’s bags hide a lot of interesting and useful information about female personality, her way of life, hobbies and interests. So let’s open it and see what’s inside.

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Female Winter Clothes

Winter is the season of chilly weather. However, it is not the reason to find excuses not to look stylish and fashionable. British designers have decided to give a helping hand to the entire feminine world and offer their idea how to look stunning in winter and choose the best winter clothes.

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Female Manicure

When a man wants to get acquainted with an escort, he should take all her image into consideration because every detail of it can help make a choice. Footwear, clothes, make-up, hair and of course manicure. So the article reveals some secrets of the dependence of manicure and nail forms on a female personality.

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Escort Female Nails and Personality Traits

Women are very easy to read and to get to know. There are a lot of indicators which help to reveal a mystery about an escort personality. They say that female hands are one of the things that will definitely tell you a lot about a woman. And it is not only neatness of her hands that matters. Female nails are your best opportunity to find out a lot of significant personality traits.

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Lilyfields Escorts and Their Female Fashion Recipes

Women are difficult to understand for men. All their characteristics and peculiarities are so unpredictable and incomprehensible that there is no need to try to understand them. Clothes are one of the most mysterious characteristics of women. Only females can stand in front of the piles of numerous clothes and cry that they have nothing to wear. Model escorts have found the way of how to get rid of such a pitiable situation and they are ready to share with you their fashion recipes.

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