Popular Perfume of Latin Girls

Here at Lilyfields, we often get asked by clients about what kinds of presents (especially popular perfume) they can bring the lady they are due to meet. Naturally, any gifts are at the discretion of the gentleman, and are in no way expected, although they are always gratefully received.

Escorts’ Fashion Update

Lilyfields is proud of its girls for their style and taste, this is something that they cannot be deprived of. One can easily rely on the fashion update from our trendy girls as it is difficult to find somebody who would know the latest trends of beau monde of London better than them. 

Sexy Garment of Escorts

Lilyfields girls take a great care of the sexy garment they wear, they try to keep up-to-date with the latest novelties in this sphere of fashion and choose the underwear of the best brands. So our girls look gorgeous every time. Stockings are one of the escorts’ attributes that take a special place in their wardrobe. 

Fashion Style for Big Events

Lilyfields escort girls are good at dressing up for various big events they are frequently booked for. They know what it is better to have on celebrity gatherings, club outings and other parties hosted in London. Here’re our tips for the choice of dresses, hairdo, makeup, shoes – fashion style for big events. 

Blonde Girls and 1950s

Lilyfields escorts are undoubtedly stylish girls who charm their clients with the variety of images. Blonde companions are considered some of the most extravagant and classic-styled women as they resort to different fashion clothes in their everyday life. The 1950s fashion style is one of the beloved ones for our blonde girls.