RIP Karl Lagerfeld

We were saddened to hear of the recent death of Karl Lagerfeld. And so were our Lilyfields companions, as he was one of their favourite fashion designers, as well as of so many men and women all around the world. We all loved his sense of style, both at his own label as well as the two mega brands he was responsible for – Chanel and Fendi. You can see in each model’s profile who their favourite designers are, and it’s interesting to note that the names of Chanel, Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld feature so often.

That probably shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, as when we look at the personalities and attitudes of our London escorts, we see several similarities. For example, Karl Lagerfeld was known to genuinely love clothes and looking his best. He once recalled that, “When I was four, I asked my mother for a valet for my birthday. I wanted my clothes prepared so I could wear anything I wanted at any time of the day. I was a clothes freak. And I was mad for dressing differently at least four times a day.” Now, our Latin girls might not take fashion to the same extreme as Karl Junior, but they all boast impressive wardrobes, and love to dress up for their clients. No matter what kind of occasion you have in mind, our ladies would love to accompany you there, and will not disappoint in terms of outfits!

We know the German maestro liked to take risks, and when he was offered the chance to revitalise the Chanel brand in the 80’s, people told him not to touch the brand, as it was dead, and was unrevivable. He revealed to an interviewer years later that he loved that other people had written the brand off, as it meant he had a challenge on his hands. Similarly, our Latin women love any kind of challenge, as it means they can expand their horizons and try something new. Our ladies certainly like to get out of their comfort zone if it means pleasing you!

Although his detractors sometimes said he was arrogant, Lagerfeld was never one to rest on his laurels, and was always trying to improve his personal performance. Upon winning the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002, he announced that he didn’t believe in such prizes, as his motto was constant improvement, and that for him, it was always about the next collection. We see this same commitment to constant quality in our Latin London girls. They know that they are only as good as their last encounter. You will never be disappointed on a date with a Lilyfields lady, as they will go out of their way to make your date with them a memorable one.

Discretion is another quality which our Latin companions share with Herr Lagerfeld. He told a leadership summit in 2013 that he would never write a memoir. As he put it, “I have nothing to say, and what I could say, I cannot say”. And that’s exactly how our Latin companions approach all their dates. As some of the most luxury courtesans in London, our girls spend time with all kinds of gentlemen, including well-known celebrities, business leaders and other VIP’s. These high-powered household names demand the utmost levels of discretion, and they trust Lilyfields Agency and their educated, cultured Latin escorts to always remain loyal and sworn to secrecy.

With so many parallels between the escorts at Lilyfields and Karl Lagerfeld, it makes sense that most of them count his brands among their favourites. If you are looking for a stylish, chic and elegant companion for any kind of occasion, we recommend booking a date with one of our elite Latin ladies. These girls are known to be the most stunning in London and are the ideal companions for all kinds of VIP dates in the capital. From attending fashion shows to a trip to the theatre to a visit to an art gallery or simply just a dinner date at one of London’s Michelin-starred restaurants, our Latin companions will make you proud to be seen with them. Even Karl Lagerfeld himself – with his famously high standards – would approve!