Karl Lagerfeld King of Fashion

RIP Karl Lagerfeld

We were saddened to hear of the recent death of Karl Lagerfeld. And so were our Latin companions, as he was one of their favourite fashion designers. They loved his sense of style, both at his own label as well as the two mega brands he was responsible for – Chanel and Fendi. You can see in each model’s profile who their favourite designers are, and it’s interesting to note that the names of Chanel, Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld feature so often. Read more

Latin Dance Festival in London

Visit the London Latin Music Festival with a Latin Escort

At the end of April, London is blessed with the best Latin music festival this side of the Atlantic. Now in its 18th year, the La Linea festival takes place in a range of venues across the capital, bringing together best live Latin acts from around the world, for 10 days of sexy and romantic music. Read more

Top Cuisines of Latin Girls in London

Top Cuisines of Latin Girls and The Best London Haunts to Enjoy Them

What sets Latin escorts apart from most other kinds of escorts in London today, is their commitment to enjoying life and all its luxuries and delicacies. Many men frequently complain that it is hard to take escorts out for dinner, as so many of them seem to be on a weird diet. You will rarely find this problem with Latin escorts, as they have a healthy and mature attitude to food. Read more

Latin Girls Preferences in Music

Don’t Stop the Music

Our Latin girls love to dance and love to listen to music. Whether they are at home, in a club or out and about, they like nothing better than to have some cool sounds available to improve the ambience of their lives. The right and appropriate music can make romance more sparkling, work more productive and exercise more fun. Read more

Latin Escort and Famous Brands

World’s Famous Brands Loved by Latin Girls of Lilyfields

Like most girls who like to have fun and enjoy life, Lilyfields escorts love to shop and to treat themselves to luxurious items. Whether it be haute couture fashion, designer handbags, seriously sexy lingerie or killer heels, you can always expect a Lilyfields lady to be dressed to impress. Read more

PopularPerfume of Latin Escorts

Popular Perfume of Latin Girls

Here at Lilyfields, we often get asked by clients about what kinds of presents (especially popular perfume) they can bring the lady they are due to meet. Naturally, any gifts are at the discretion of the gentleman, and are in no way expected, although they are always gratefully received. Read more