Latin Dance in London

Latin Dance Starts a Romance

With Strictly Come Dancing soon to be on our screens again, many of us will think again about learning a new dance routine. The Latin countries are famous for their erotic and passionate forms of dancing, and if you are looking to learn a style, chances are that style will be from the Latin world! Read more

Summer Pleasure in London with Latin Girls in Bikinis

Latin Stunners and Their Summer Bikinis That Will Turn You On

The bikini was invented in 1946 by Parisian fashion designer Louis Réard. Reard had noticed on his summer trips to the beaches of St. Tropez that female bathers were rolling up the edges of their swimsuits tomidriff exposed. Read more

Spring with Lilyfields

Why Latin Escorts Are Best for Spring Adventures

With spring just days away, it will soon be time to enjoy the coming of a new season, and a new start to the year. Did you know that until 500 years ago, New Year was traditionally celebrated at the start of Spring? Read more

St. Valentine's Day with a London Escort

Romantic Spots to Celebrate LOVE in London

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, thoughts naturally turn to appreciating relationships and romance. If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship right now, the romantic spots below are just the place to take that special someone. Read more

Bank Bonuses with Latin Escorts of Lilyfields

How to Spend Your Banker Bonus?

For most of us, going back to work after the Christmas break is a sad time, as the festive season is over, and the reality of the long boring London winter becomes clear. One group of London workers however, walk back into the office with a spring in their step. Read more

Lilyfields Wishing Happy New Year

Where to Go with a Latin Girl on New Year’s Eve

The year 2016 is almost at end, and we hope 2017 is going to be a good one for all of you. They say that you should start the incoming year as you mean it to continue, so lovers of Latin ladies would be best advised to see in the New Year in the company of a sexy chica. Read more

Get Spooky with Latin Escorts At Halloween 2016

Things to Do with a London Latin Escort This Halloween

🎃 The nights are getting longer and the temperatures are getting colder, as autumn is now well and truly here. Soon it will be time for the first festival of the season, and one that we love the most: Halloween! 🎃 Read more

Romantic Weekend in London

The Perfect Romantic Weekend with a Latin escort in London

Latin escorts are some of the most passionate in London, and are therefore perfect for occasions when you are in the mood for lust. But they are also known for their romantic and sweet natures, and they enjoy tender moments of companionship too. Have you considered meeting a Latin lady from Lilyfields for a whole weekend? Read more

Top Cuisines of Latin Girls in London

Top Cuisines of Latin Girls and The Best London Haunts to Enjoy Them

What sets Latin escorts apart from most other kinds of escorts in London today, is their commitment to enjoying life and all its luxuries and delicacies. Many men frequently complain that it is hard to take escorts out for dinner, as so many of them seem to be on a weird diet. You will rarely find this problem with Latin escorts, as they have a healthy and mature attitude to food. Read more

Kissing Customs and Latin Kiss

Don’t Miss a Latin Kiss!

We were amused this week to read about how kissing is becoming more and more acceptable in the UK. In fact, it has been said that in the last few years that England has become a nation of kissers. It wasn’t always like this of course. Kissing used to be something you did with someone you were romantically involved with, or maybe with your grandma at Christmas. Read more

Latin Girls Preferences in Music

Don’t Stop the Music

Our Latin girls love to dance and love to listen to music. Whether they are at home, in a club or out and about, they like nothing better than to have some cool sounds available to improve the ambience of their lives. The right and appropriate music can make romance more sparkling, work more productive and exercise more fun. Read more

Latin Escort and Famous Brands

World’s Famous Brands Loved by Latin Girls of Lilyfields

Like most girls who like to have fun and enjoy life, Lilyfields escorts love to shop and to treat themselves to luxurious items. Whether it be haute couture fashion, designer handbags, seriously sexy lingerie or killer heels, you can always expect a Lilyfields lady to be dressed to impress. Read more

5 Reasons to Choose Latin Ladies

5 Reasons to Choose a Latin Escort

With so many kinds of escorts to choose from, London is truly a Mecca for the escorting connoisseur. From blondes to brunettes, from English roses to Slavic beauties, the capital of the UK has something for everyone. However, we here at Lilyfields get to meet girls from all across the world everyday, and we can say for sure that Latin escorts have a certain something that others simply don’t have. Read more

Brexit Influence on Escorts' Business of London

How Could Brexit Affect London Escorting?

Introduction: Brexit

On 23rd June Britons voted via referendum to leave the European Union. At the time of writing (end of June 2016), this so-called Brexit has led to the resignations of both leaders of the two main political parties, has led to crashes in Sterling and the stock market, threats from Scotland and Northern Ireland to leave the UK, and we are still no closer to knowing what the vote for Brexit will actually mean for Britain. Read more

Dangerous and Sweet Ginger Escorts

Ginger Girls

Ginger girls take a special place in Lilyfields escorts category. These girls are often served with a special sauce and are attractive for the most enthusiastic and adventurous clients. ‘Sweet but dangerous…’ this is what makes them so controversial and appealing at the same time.  Read more

Peachy Booties of Latin Escorts

Latin Escorts Booties

Who knows how to keep your bootie in shape better than Latin escorts? Best exercises for keeping their escorts booties tight and smooth are shared by adventurous Latin girls of Lilyfields. Make your bottom a proud sign of your beauty together with Latin girls for there’s no time when a woman feels more confident than in a perfect shape.  Read more

Latina Girls on Lilyfields Fashion Cover

Latina Appeal

Most of Liyfields escorts are Latin-originated. Is this an advantage or a disadvantage for an escort’s profession? There are a few points to discuss about Latina females, Latina appeal and their interest to British men. Join in!  Read more

Popular Kissing Spots in London

Kissing… It is the process that brings lots of emotions and inexpressible feelings. Kisses make people happy, sensitive and romantic. Kisses are the symbols of love… What are the most popular kissing spots? Where can we find people in love who express their feelings with kisses? Parks, railway stations, streets, cafes… Join escorts discussions of kissing spots!

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Courtesans Trickery

Women use every trick in the book to make men love them. Though not all of them manage to do it easily – some girls have to study piles of books looking for sound pieces of advice. And unfortunately it does not always help. Escorts are the ones who are loved and worshiped by men. They know what men need to love a woman.

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Secret Female Intimate Powers

Escorts represent a little scope of little but mighty parts of a female appearance. Most women leave tiny details of their appearance unnoticed but it is not the most advantageous idea to do so. Sometimes these trifles play a crucial role at the beginning or in course of male-female relationships. Female eyelashes and nails are those secret female intimate powers that have become the spotlight of the escorts’ discussion.

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London Latin Female Tempting Methods

There are different methods to tempt men and all of them seem to be right. London escorts represent their tricks of how to charm men and win them forever. No doubt without knowing at least a bit of male psychology it would be impossible to do. So Latin escorts of London have chosen the most dangerous traps – female tempting methods. Guys, take care!

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Attractiveness of Sensual Latin Girls

There is no doubt that a woman has got a certain power over men. But not all the females are aware of this power and moreover they do not know how to use it. What is it that makes men go crazy about women? Sensual Latin courtesans seem to know the answer. Latin women have always enjoyed a great popularity with men. Their presence in society makes male heads and not only heads turn in their direction. Latin women agreed to share their little secrets with other women.

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Latin Girls Tempt Their British Clients

There are no any doubts that all the women in the world have one common and very important task in life. This is to be able to attract more and more men with the help of their appearance, secrets, mystery, and an overwhelming seductiveness. Nowadays it is not difficult to learn to be a real woman due to the boundless sources of the Internet and the possibilities to correct something you have wrong.

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Latin Female Seduction Tricks

It seems impossible not to speak about Latin female seduction when we are on Latin escorts’ site. Any woman knows little ruses of how to make a man pay at her attention. Latin escorts have their own secrets which they gladly present in the article. Any woman who respects herself should know about how to seduce and make men around happier.

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