Blonde Girls and 1950s

Lilyfields escorts are undoubtedly stylish girls who charm their clients with the variety of images. Blonde companions are considered some of the most extravagant and classic-styled women as they resort to different fashion clothes in their everyday life. The 1950s fashion style is one of the beloved ones for our blonde girls. 

It’s the 50s. I love the clothes, the make-up, the accessories and the music. I’m definitely a 50s rockabilly chick.

What it is that I love about the 1950s fashion style? Many things! Blonde escorts often suit 1950s style make-up and styling. It suits their assets – think of those soft, curly hairstyles (which actually require quite a bit of styling) that frame pretty faces, the red lipstick and the lovely curves that 50s clothes only highlight.


My favourite dresses are all 1950s style. I’ve got casual dresses, such as tea dresses that are great for casual or daytime dates and appointments. I like the ones that come with full petticoats. They nip in at the waist and are great for emphasising or even creating an hourglass figure.

Then there are the evening gowns and they are truly beautiful – long satin dresses, which gather at the hips and then swirl out in a mermaid tail. Worn with long evening gloves the look is pure Hollywood glamour and who wouldn’t want to look like one of those 1950s icons – Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot?

The make-up is so elegant too – red lipstick always looks great on blonde escort girls, that’s for sure, and worn with a simple base, a little contouring of the cheeks and some great mascara and eye-liner it’s an easy look anyone can achieve.

In my luxury apartment, I’ve got a lot of furniture and accessories that date back to the 50s and of course, I own a phone from that era. Clients often remark on how peaceful my apartment seems, perhaps because it relates to a time when life was not lived at such a frantic rate.

Apart from aesthetic things, there are reasons why people hark back to the 50s as good times. In America, for example, 40 percent of people classified themselves not just as “happy”, but “very happy” – the highest this figure has ever been.

Oh, and people had huge amounts of purchasing powers too – one guy working a blue collar job could provide for all of his family, and money went further too – minimum wage earners could cover their rent with just over a week’s full-time work. There was much less inequality in the 50s.