Why Latin Escorts Are Best for Spring Adventures

With spring just days away, it will soon be time to enjoy the coming of a new season, and a new start to the year. Did you know that until 500 years ago, New Year was traditionally celebrated at the start of Spring? It makes sense to us, as we feel much more renewed on a spring morning walking through Hyde Park than we do on 1st January, waking up hungover unclean, go shopping on Oxford Street for the new spring/summer collections, or start to get your dad-bod ready for beach season, spring is a time for new behaviours and a new sense of positivity about life. However you plan on marking the spring equinox, you can give your attempts at renewal a boost by spending time with a Latin escort from Lilyfields. Read on to for some compelling reasons to meet a Latin babe from our selection this spring.

Thanks to their happy-go-lucky personalities and generally sunny dispositions. Latin girls are well-known for their ability to raise your mood. And we certainly feel our endorphin levels surging whenever we meet with one of our delicious babes. Many of our beauties come from Brazil where there is a party all year round, and these girls like nothing better than to encourage others to join in the fun. So if you are a bit tired and worn out by the long London winter, and want some inspiration on how to enjoy the longer days and warmer nights, then a date with any of our Brazilian escorts will be just what the doctor ordered.

Spring is traditionally the season when we start to clean out our wardrobes, finally throwing away those reindeer-decorated socks which our aunts bought us for Christmas. And as the occasional sunny and warm day starts to make its appearance, we start to stock up on summer clothes, whether it be sleeveless shirts, beach shorts or a new pair of shades. Shopping can be a bit of a chore at the best of times, so fortunately for you, most of our Latin girls are total shopaholics, and would like nothing better than to be your date for a day hitting Selfridge’s, Harvey Nicks or Harrods and splashing the cash on summer togs. And although we might be biased, it is our considered opinion that our Latin escorts are some of the most stylish in London, and they can and your personality. There is never any fear of looking out-of-date when you get a Lilyfields girl to help you shop.

Another reason why Latin, and particularly Brazilian, girls are the best kinds of escorts for spring adventures is that they like to keep their bodies in tip-top condition all year round, since they are used to strutting their stuff on the sand of Copacabana. So if you fancy a trip down to Brighton for a stroll on the beach, or even if you are crazy enough to take a dip in the English Channel (we don’t recommend that until the end of August, unless you are a true masochist), then our Brazilian babes have the kind of jaw-dropping figure that will have people staring in awe. Similarly, if you are looking for inspiration and a reason to get fit and lose some unwanted pounds by summer, then meeting with any of our Latin stunners is sure to give you the exact motivation you need to keep your diet on track and to keep you doing those sit-ups.

So there you have it. There are a lot of different kinds of escorts you could choose to meet to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Whether you choose to meet an English rose or an Eastern European stunner is of course up to you. However, we have found that only Latin girls can reliably reach the parts that other escorts sometimes fail to reach. In our professional opinion, if you are looking for the kind of fun-loving, uncomplicated and downright gorgeous women who you want to let your hair down with, then it simply has to be a Latina. Fortunately for you, we have the best selection of Latin escorts this side of Rio, and they are ready and waiting to show you that Game of Thrones is wrong. Spring is coming.