Popular Perfume of Latin Girls

Here at Lilyfields, we often get asked by clients about what kinds of presents (especially popular perfume) they can bring the lady they are due to meet. Naturally, any gifts are at the discretion of the gentleman, and are in no way expected, although they are always gratefully received. We don’t really know why so many of you gents like to treat our Latin ladies so well. Maybe it’s because you are the most generous and all round perfect guys in London. Maybe it’s because Lilyfields focus on Latin ladies, who are well known for being the warmest and most passionate girls in town, and you want to treat them to the very best. Whatever the reason, we want to take this opportunity to say thank you.

Probably the best idea for a gift for one of our sexy girls from Brazil, Argentina, Italy or one of the other Latin countries is popular perfume. You really can’t go wrong with a bottle of the smelly stuff, as it is easy to buy, discreet enough not to cause embarrassment if discovered by your wife or partner, and avoids any worries associated with clothing sizes. After all, underwear from La Perla doesn’t fit quite the same as underwear from Marks and Spencer, and it’s easier just to go to the perfume counter and buy a recognised brand that suits everyone.

Of course, not every girl likes the same perfume, and we have gone to great lengths to include each escort’s favourite perfume on their profile page, so that you can know with confidence that – should you decide to buy them some perfume – it will be appreciated and treasured. Although the choice of perfumes is as varied as the girls themselves, there are a few popular brands that seem to pop up again and again. Below you can see our guide to the most popular perfumes of Lilyfield’s Latin girls.

Coco Chanel

The most consistently popular scents of our escorts are from the Chanel collection. Chanel is of course the iconic fashion house from Paris, started by Coco Chanel in post-war France. The first scent created by the designer was the now iconic No. 5, released in 1922. This perfume is still very popular today, and those who work in cosmetic shops and department stores across the UK report that every Christmas Eve just before closing time, bottles of the stuff fly off the shelf, as time-pressed husbands desperately get a last-minute present for their wife. And yet, No. 5 doesn’t appear too often in the profiles of our escorts. Could it be that they already have a cupboard full of it?

We are not sure, but we notice that other Chanel products do show up on their most wanted list. For example, Coco Mademoiselle is always very much desired by Latin girls. According to the blurb from the official Chanel website, this scent is ‘inspired by the irrepressible spirit of the young Coco Chanel, the modern Oriental fragrance entices with an utterly feminine composition, expressing refined sensuality and incredible freshness’. Well, we don’t know about that, but whenever we get a whiff of it on one of our ladies who do use it, we can say it does have a pretty sexy smell about it, and we would be very happy to spend intimate moments with a Latin escort wearing this one.


Another popular perfume from the Chanel label is Allure. Apparently this one promises to be ‘clean and sheer, warm and sexy. Difficult to define. Impossible to resist.’ We definitely like this one, as it made us think of our favourite female tennis player just winning Wimbledon and freshening up afterwards. Does that make us weird? Maybe it does, but we can certainly imagine working up a sweat with any of our Latin companions who was smelling of this perfume. The bottle is pretty nice too.

Tom Ford

But it’s not just Chanel that gets a look in among our Latin lovelies. Another fashion house who has several perfumes among our favourites is Tom Ford. This guy must have the sweetest smelling house in the world as he literally has dozens of perfumes to his name. He must have a pretty big house too, as the scents cost a fortune. For example, his Jasmin Rouge scent is a big favourite among our escorts, and at 200 pounds for a 50 ml bottle, it better be good! And having smelled it quite a lot since it came out we can confirm it smells pretty nice. To our uneducated noses, the floral notes are well blended, with the underlying citrus and subtle ginger notes adding genuine character.

We also feel that the the cinnamon and pepper leads to a perfectly subtle and zesty mainstay. In other words, it smells sexy as hell. If you want to treat a Lilyfields escort, this one is sure to be a winner.

Chloé and Roberto Cavalli

After Tom Ford and Chanel, the most popular also-rans include Chloé and Roberto Cavalli. What all the perfumes chosen by our escorts have in common is that they evoke femininity, and whenever you get a whiff of them, you will instantly be inspired to become a little more romantic and little more passionate, which is ideal for an escort meeting. Of course, on a short date with one of our companions, they will go easy on the perfume, since you might want to go back to work or your partner later and not want to smell as if you have just spent time with one of the loveliest ladies in London. But as a gift, perfume is always a great choice, and we recommend that gents who want to buy a present consult with your chosen escort’s profile page and make your Latin companion very happy!