Sexy Garment of Escorts

Lilyfields girls take a great care of the sexy garment they wear, they try to keep up-to-date with the latest novelties in this sphere of fashion and choose the underwear of the best brands. So our girls look gorgeous every time. Stockings are one of the escorts’ attributes that take a special place in their wardrobe. 

Sometimes I am asked – stockings and suspenders or hold-ups? Hold-ups are very convenient of course – they give the same effect as stockings, but without the suspenders you get a much smoother line under clothing.


If you wear a lot of body-con dresses as I do, then smooth lines are an important consideration. I benefit from it.

But no doubt about it, stockings and suspenders are a classic combination and there aren’t many men who can resist the classics. And as I do spend quite a lot of time just in my underwear, then worrying about suspenders causing lumps under clothing is a moot point.

But it isn’t easy to buy suspenders any more – once upon a time every woman wore them, but nowadays most women wear tights or hold-ups for special occasions and the suspender has become a rare and therefore much more desirable piece of clothing. I love them because you know they will keep your stockings up – unlike the hold-ups which have a habit of falling down – and because you can choose different ones to match all your underwear.

I have four or five different ones – as is the case with many of my Lilyfields London escorts colleagues! I have ones to match black, lacy-topped stockings and ones to match neutral-coloured stockings. I also have suspender belts attached to bodices and corsets – the look as you can imagine is pretty electric.

Some men like you to leave on the stockings and suspenders and some like you to take them off. Over the years, I have gotten very adept at peeling them off very seductively. The better the quality stocking, the better it peels off. I love silk, but they are very expensive. Wolford does fabulous stockings – again, expensive, but they do last a long time and they are very forgiving of rough treatment. They have some very glossy stocking options which men love as they feel fabulous.

One also should ensure that the legs underneath the stockings or hold-ups are worthwhile. They should be hair-free and moisturised (don’t use moisturiser though if you want to wear hold-ups or they will fall down), and ideally toned and taut through plenty of squats and lunges.

As for what I am wearing today… well, why not find out for yourself and book me or one of my colleagues?! Lilyfields London Escorts are expert wearers of stockings, suspenders and hold-ups.