Harry and Meghan Wedding and True Love Story

Harry and Meghan – A True Love Story for St.Valentine’s Day

2018 will see another Royal Wedding, as Prince Harry marries American actress Meghan Markle on May 19th. This whirlwind romance of Harry and Meghan has taken the world by storm, and the press, royal watchers and the general public have had their imagination caught by a couple who are clearly very much in love. Read more

Brazilian Footballer Neymar Price

What Can You Buy in London for One Neymar?

We were amazed to hear that the Brazilian footballer Neymar had been transferred from Barcelona to Paris St. Germain. As many of our elite escorts come from Brazil, this was a real story of interest to us, but like the rest of the world, we were mostly gob-smacked at the price. Read more

Iconic Woman Princess Diana

Exceptional Princess Diana: An Iconic Woman and An Enduring Icon for All Generations

The 31st August marks 20 years since the tragic death of Lady Diana in a Paris car crash, along with her lover Dodi al-Fayed. It seems like just yesterday that the UK came to a standstill as the outpouring of grief threatened to overturn the British establishment, including the Royal family itself. Read more

Lilyfields About Brexit and Macron

Macron as French President: How Will Macron Affect Brexit?

So all the opinion polls were right, and France elected independent candidate Emanuel Macron as President, beating Front National’s Marine Le Pen by a wide margin. Now Macron is installed in the Elysee Palace stage. Read more

Trump and His Influence on Escort Business

The Trump Effect

November 8th saw the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. The Republican will officially succeed Barrack Obama in the middle of January 2017. Trump’s win surprised the pundits, most of whom predicted a big victory for Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.  Read more

Ulster Thirty Somethings and a Latin Escort

Ulster the Happiest Part of the UK? Thirty-Somethings Being Priced out of London?

We read a couple of interesting articles this week in the news which intrigued, and slightly scared us. The first is the story that Northern Ireland is apparently the happiest place in the UK. Read more

Brexit Influence on Escorts' Business of London

How Could Brexit Affect London Escorting?

Introduction: Brexit

On 23rd June Britons voted via referendum to leave the European Union. At the time of writing (end of June 2016), this so-called Brexit has led to the resignations of both leaders of the two main political parties, has led to crashes in Sterling and the stock market, threats from Scotland and Northern Ireland to leave the UK, and we are still no closer to knowing what the vote for Brexit will actually mean for Britain. Read more

Lilyfields Escort on the Screen

An Escort On The Screen

Lilyfields escorts have outstanding appearances and their profession is also much discussed. That is why most of our girls are in the constant spotlight of film makers who are hunting for a captivating idea of their next scenarios. Here is a vivid example of one of our escorts who is asked to be the star of a documentary.  An escort on the screen is an achievement! Read more

Being an Escort Pays Education in London

Paying for education… It is really a problem for a lot of students in the UK. Alongside with high-quality education in Britain come education fees. Lots of young British people have no possibility to pay for their education as it becomes more and more expensive to get a degree, the proof of your intelligence. That is why most British students work part-time. They resort to different hack work, attractive girls find themselves rendering escorts services as being an escort pays education.  Read more

An Escort Gaddafi, Berlusconi

Escorts Save Gaddafi

Escorts’ profession presupposes being involved in different situations and events. Saving the head of some political leader is the usual case for experienced courtesans. Thus two Silvio Berlusconi’s escorts guaranteed Gaddafi his position, the Telegraph reports. The escorts charmed Gaddafi’s opponent in intimate parlours in such a way they successfully rendered their services. Escorts save Gaddafi and secure his victory.  Read more

An Escort’s Apologies

A former escort girl publicly apologizes to Coleen Rooney for sleeping with her husband the Belfast Telegraph reports. No one knows if these escort’s apologies could change that has already happened. From time to time the British mass media is gaudy with highlights featuring escorts’ business.  Read more

Milli Cooper The Oldest Escort

The Oldest Escort of All Times

You never know what your life has prepared for you and what to expect from your destiny. Milli Cooper born in the East End of London has been recognized in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest escort of all times. A 96-year-old courtesan earns her living meeting her clients twice a week.  Read more

A Story of an Escort

There are few escorts who would agree to share their life story with the public. However, a few years ago the Guardian published a short account of escort’s life story. There is a lot to think over and understand about escorts. The profession of an escort is inside out for you.  Read more

Escorts in the Media of UK

Escorts’ business in the UK has a legal status. However, it is not always possible to find the news of escorts in the media that will make you sure everything is so simple. The British Media covers different stories about escorts’ industry of the UK. And the percentage of the stories with a blackball message is really high. Anyway, every person has their own opinion of what is going on in the world of escorts’ services.  Read more