New Year's 2018 Predictions for UK and the World

UK and the World: New Year’s 2018 Predictions

2017 is done, and soon we celebrate the old and bring in the new as New Year’s Eve marks the transition to another year. What will 2018 have in store? We did a search for the most interesting and eye-opening predictions for what could happen in the world next year, and here is what we found. Read more

North Korea and Geopolitical Tensions

Four Things to Do in London before North Korea Nukes It

With geopolitical tensions rising in Asia, sometimes it feels like we are returning to the days of the Cold War, when at any moment we could get blasted into smithereens. In August, North Korean despot Kim Jong-Un warned that the UK “faces a miserable end”, but most of us laughed it off as an empty threat. Read more

Lilyfields About Brexit and Macron

Macron as French President: How Will Macron Affect Brexit?

So all the opinion polls were right, and France elected independent candidate Emanuel Macron as President, beating Front National’s Marine Le Pen by a wide margin. Now Macron is installed in the Elysee Palace stage. Read more

Brexit Influence on Escorts' Business of London

How Could Brexit Affect London Escorting?

Introduction: Brexit

On 23rd June Britons voted via referendum to leave the European Union. At the time of writing (end of June 2016), this so-called Brexit has led to the resignations of both leaders of the two main political parties, has led to crashes in Sterling and the stock market, threats from Scotland and Northern Ireland to leave the UK, and we are still no closer to knowing what the vote for Brexit will actually mean for Britain. Read more