Escorts’ Fashion Update

Lilyfields is proud of its girls for their style and taste, this is something that they cannot be deprived of. One can easily rely on the fashion update from our trendy girls as it is difficult to find somebody who would know the latest trends of beau monde of London better than them. 

Time to update my wardrobe, me thinks. The sun has got his hat on and he’s coming out to play, as is this Lilyfields escorts and play is exactly what she has in mind.

I keep an eye on fashion update, but I’m no slavish follower of its rules. I think most men would agree with me – why wear anything that doesn’t make the most of your figure, is unflattering or unstylish? And while flat shoes may be practical, the slider platforms of recent months have left me cold – as they have, I suspect, a good number of the male of the species.


But the fashion I shall be investing in are shirt dresses, playfully unbuttoned at the top to give a mere hint of what lies beneath. Yellow also seems to be strutting its stuff on the catwalk. It isn’t a colour than many people can wear, but with my dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin I can wear it and not risk looking sallow or washed out. I’ve seen a beautiful silk Cushnie et Ochs dress and I. Want. It.

Gingham is another fashion trend and I’m keen to buy a piece – a dress, I fancy. It has a kind of sweet and innocent image and I think that work well for me, a little bit of sweet little girl, very naughty underneath if you get my meaning..?

Fashion does have tendency to come round and round again, so the fact that black and white is back as a designer choice is not a surprise to anyone. Still, the old monochrome classic works for most of us. Perhaps I’ll subvert the trend slightly by pairing a black bra with white knickers or vice versa?!

Head to toe white is another trend I plan to subvert, with a new selection of frothy, lacy white lingerie – bra, panties, stockings and suspenders. Want to try picturing me in those..?

I’m also keen on the trend for one-shoulder cuts. I pride myself on my shoulders, honed from years of regular swimming, and there is something very sexy about a dress or top that slopes off one shoulder, presenting that smooth curve as an irresistible part of the body waiting to be kissed. A one-shoulder dress is definitely on my spring fashion shopping list.

And finally, the fashions I’ll be avoiding (as I guess will most of my Lilyfields escorts colleagues). Culottes. Urgh. Sliders, for the afore-mentioned reasons. Military green – yes, a little androgyny can be sexy, but none of the items the designers put out conveyed that feeling, and fancy aprons. Why, why, why?

If you would like to see the evidence of my new spring wardrobe purchases, why not contact the agency now?