Our ladies do not offer any illegal or immoral services. The ladies are booked for time and companionship only.


All services that are displayed on Lilyfields.com are provided at the escorts’ sole discretion. They are displayed by request of the escorts and with their written consent. It is with the understanding that Lilyfields.com is only representing the escorts and showing what they send to us. Lilyfields.com is not responsible for any services that the escorts wish to display on their profile. It is the decision of the escorts what services they wish to provide and when they wish to provide them. Any extra fee requested by the escorts for any service is therefore also at their sole discretion.


We understand that your time is valuable so we advise you to browse through our gallery before you contact us.  If you are calling for a specific lady we suggest that you give us a few more choices in case that she is not available. We will always help you to provide the lady that you are looking for based on your specifications.

Please note that bookings within 24 hours must be made by phone call or sms. Bookings for more than 24 hours in advance can be made also through our booking form or via email.

When making an advance booking, we will request that you call or sms us to confirm by 12pm on the day of the booking. If that is not feasible just let us know at what time you will be able to confirm.

For bookings to your hotel we will require your name and room number to confirm that you are a guest at the given hotel. This is for security reasons and in order to avoid hoax calls only. Discretion is assured.

For bookings to your residence, your landline, the name it is registered to and your address will be required. This is for security reasons and in order to avoid hoax calls only. Discretion is assured.

Dinner dates can be 3 hours (one hour private time) or 4 hours (2 hours private time).  Please state the length of the booking you wish to make in order for the receptionist to give you the correct rate.

Overnight bookings can be 8, 10 or 12 hours and depending on the starting time must include dinner. Please state the length of the booking you wish to make in order for the receptionist to give you the correct rate.

Please note that we do not accept outcall bookings to clubs or restaurants.  The meeting has to start at your hotel or residence for the ladies’ security.


WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS. Payments, unless otherwise previously agreed with our receptionist, must be made in cash (Pound Sterling, US Dollars or Euros) directly to the lady within 10 minutes upon her arrival. Should you wish to pay in US Dollars or Euros, please inform the receptionist at the time of making the booking so the amount of the requested currency can be established and thus delays/misunderstandings on arrival avoided.

Please note that foreign currencies are subject to a 5% surcharge.


If you have a dress requirement or wish a specific outfit that you see in the pictures please let us know when you make the booking. We will pass it on to the escort of your choice, they are happy to oblige and dress accordingly to your wishes.


We do our best to ensure that the girls we represent are the real girls. We always try to meet them personally before we add them to our site, however we do verify via videos, selfies and normal pictures. We do not publish pictures that we deem too flattering or over edited. We also always try to publish their selfie or normal picture, unfortunately due to some bad experiences not all girls allow us to do so. However, should you meet a girl that is absolutely not the one in the pictures we will of course look into it and remove her accordingly, as we will not abide bait-and-switch.


Most ladies will require some help with their taxi fare to/from the areas surrounding their location. To locations further than their surrounding areas the ladies will require the full taxi fare. If you require to know the total of the extra for the taxi cost in advance, you are welcome to agree the rate with the receptionist at the time of making the booking.


Outcall: If within ten minutes of meeting your date you feel that you have made the wrong choice, you are required to pay the lady a cancellation fee of £50 to compensate her for her time and taxi expenses. If the taxi fare to your location surpasses that amount, you are required to pay the lady the full taxi fare both ways.

Incall: If within ten minutes of meeting your date you feel that you have made the wrong choice, you can just leave. A cancellation fee is at your discretion, however much appreciated by the lady who spent her time preparing for your arrival.

Your feedback with the reason for the cancellation will be appreciated.


Discretion at all times is our policy.

We will only contact you as a reply of your contacting us. When we call your hotel to confirm that you are staying there we will only ask to be put through to you, the hotel receptionist will never know who we are.

Should the lady have difficulties in finding your address or finding you in the bar of your hotel, we will only pass on your contact number to her in order to facilitate communication with your permission. That works both ways, as many girls feel uncomfortable if they get asked for their phone numbers by their dates.

Also, please refrain of calling the agency asking to talk to the ladies because the answer will be “NO”. Amongst other reasons, they join an agency so that they do not have to deal with taking phone calls and having to arrange their bookings themselves.


Lilyfields strongly advises the escorts listed on this website and also its clients to adhere to the recommended COVID-19 hygiene and safety measures. Lilyfields.com does not accept any liability for the escorts and clients who do not comply with the government guidelines given for this purpose.

Please respect the ladies the same way that they respect you. A happy lady makes for a happy client!