Fashion Style for Big Events

Lilyfields escort girls are good at dressing up for various big events they are frequently booked for. They know what it is better to have on celebrity gatherings, club outings and other parties hosted in London. Here’re our tips for the choice of dresses, hairdo, makeup, shoes – fashion style for big events. 

It’s a very girlie question, but as soon as I knew I was going to the Brits I was in a quandary. What on earth should I wear to such an event?


It’s a good job I have such wonderful colleagues at Lilyfields – these brunette London escorts are very experienced girls and they are used to attending all kinds of events. They were on hand to advise me what the best options for clothing are. And of course we share clothes all the time, passing round the choicest selections of beautiful, designer clothing.

It’s a good job we all have very similar figures – big busts, tiny waists and curvy hips!

Having taken the advice of my escort colleagues, I pulled out all the stops, glamour-wise. Like all the Lilyfields brunette girls, I look good but the likes of the Brits is the kind of event which is full of glamourous and beautiful women so I wanted to make an extra special effort.

I picked a long silver lame dress, Grecian style with a very sexy split up the front. The split up the front was discreet, but if I moved in a certain way a lucky viewer might have been able to spot the fact that I wasn’t wearing any underwear…

I paired the dress with a pair of fantastic silver wedge sandals and I kept my jewellery simple – a costume necklace with a topaz stone. I believe you should wear either earrings OR a necklace and not both. Both is kind of vulgar, I feel.

I piled my hair up in a messy top knot with tendrils framing my face, and I added a small clutch bag (Mulberry) and I was good to go!

This kind of look is classic, but can easily be made really up to date by changing the shoes, bag and jewellery. If you want it to look more classic, for example, change the wedges to plain sandals – and if it’s winter add a bolero shrug.

Of course, I spent all day preparing for the event because I knew my body and face needed to look fantastic, so I booked into a local spa so that I could have a massage and scrub and then they massaged in lots of scented body lotion, which also had a tint to it so that my skin looked dewy and golden.

I kept my make-up simple – the Brits isn’t really the place for the old-fashioned Hollywood look, but I added in some glitter to my eye make-up to emphasise my eyes and give me a modern, fashionable look.

So there you go – you’ll know what to wear should an invite to the Brits ever come through for you!