How Could Brexit Affect London Escorting?

Introduction: Brexit

On 23rd June Britons voted via referendum to leave the European Union. At the time of writing (end of June 2016), this so-called Brexit has led to the resignations of both leaders of the two main political parties, has led to crashes in Sterling and the stock market, threats from Scotland and Northern Ireland to leave the UK, and we are still no closer to knowing what the vote for Brexit will actually mean for Britain.

We don’t even know for sure whether Britain will leave the EU entirely at this stage, or enter some half-way house such as the EEA which would maintain freedom of movement and access to the single market.

Whatever happens, it is likely to lead to some changes in the escorting market in London, both from an escort’s perspective as well as that of the customer. In this article we will explore what effects Brexit could have for both, and what we see as the most likely outcome.

Rights of Latin escorts to remain in London

Brazilian escorts in London come from South America, particularly Brazil obviously, and for most of these girls, Brexit should have no discernible effect at the beginning, since they already come from outside of the EU anyway. That said, some Brazilian escorts in London are dual-citizen Portuguese or Italian passport holders (acquired through the nationality of their parents or grandparents), and these ladies may one day have to apply for residence like the others. Other Latin escorts of course come from Spain or Italy and again may one day have to apply for a visa.

However, suggestions at this stage from the Leave campaign are that EU passport holders who are already in the UK will be awarded indefinite rights to remain. This would of course not apply to newcomers from the EU member states, so it could be that in future, slowly more and more EU citizens find it too difficult to come to London to work, and find it easier to choose Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and other European countries where escorting is legal. Another possible outcome of Brexit is that the UK leaves the EU but allows for the free movement of European people, which is the arrangement that Switzerland, Norway and Iceland currently have. This compromise position would be good for Latin escorts with an EU passport, and we feel that this is the most likely outcome in the medium term.

Latin Girls Guaranteed by Lilyfields

However, with immigration being such a contentious point in the Brexit campaign, we worry that such an arrangement would lead to increased restrictions on the rights of non-EU citizens to come to the UK, as the British government would be under pressure to reduce immigration from the countries which they legally can. However, rest assured that we are in close contact with all of our Latin ladies, whatever their status and current situation, and we will do our very best to ensure that our loyal clients can always get a date with a stunning and beautiful Latin lady, whenever and wherever they need her!

The London economy and disposable income of domestic clients

London is one of the richest cities in the world, its economy fueled by the banks, hedge funds and financial analysis companies based in the square mile of the City. Due to their present location in the EU, British banks and London branches of US and Japanese banks are awarded a so-called ‘EU passport’ which allows them to sell financial products such as derivatives, currency swaps and options across the Eurozone.

The EU have made it clear that any withdrawal by Britain from the single market will lead to the loss of this passport and the big international banks seem to have taken this threat seriously. Indeed, within hours of the referendum result, banks such as J.P. Morgan and HSBC announced plans to relocate some of their staff to Frankfurt and Paris, with an aim to gain a foothold in the Eurozone and keep their much-valued passport. If this trickle of staff was to become an exodus because of full-blown Brexit, the effects on all sectors of the London economy are likely to be devastating, particularly in areas such as property and entertainment. We suspect this would have also have a detrimental effect on demand for escorts, either directly or indirectly, since much of the disposable income of clients can be traced back to City trading.

The financial crash of 2008 did have a noticeable effect on escort demand in London for several months, and only really picked up with the inflow of cash from the Eurozone since the Greek crisis in 2009. However, any compromise position would surely protect the rights of London financial institutions to sell throughout the Eurozone, and as we see this as the most likely outcome of negotiations, we suspect that any drop in demand will be short-lived.

Effect of Brexit on foreign clients

One silver lining to the Brexit cloud for escort demand could be that Latin escorts in London will become cheaper for clients from outside the UK. The British pound (Sterling or the GBP) has in the past few days plunged against both the Euro and the dollar and in fact has fallen when measured against all major currencies. Since London is such a magnet for foreign tourists, and Latin women are loved by all, then we see any falling demand from domestic clients being counterbalanced by foreign interest. We might even see a return to the early 80’s, when London seemed to be full of Japanese businessmen and American tourists. With the pound inching closer to parity (1:1) against the Euro, then we also see many more clients coming back to London from Germany, Italy and France.


The Brexit decision and its immediate aftermath seems likely to go down in history as a watershed moment, when the European project finally hit the buffers. Whatever happens from here, and whatever your position on Brexit is, we at Lilyfields London escort agency think that the most likely scenario is that all parties concerned will look to find a compromise which protects the certain advantages that London has within the EU, while possibly getting rid of some of the cumbersome red tape that Brussels insists on. We hope that any existing clients who are starting to get worried about either losing their job or being relocated to Frankfurt will see that the next months aren’t as bad as they initially feared on Friday morning.

We look forward to welcoming new clients from the EU, the Americas and Asia, and we promise to continue doing our very best in attracting the most beautiful and sexy Latin companions to London, the greatest city in the world!