The Trump Effect

November 8th saw the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. The Republican will officially succeed Barrack Obama in the middle of January 2017. Trump’s win surprised the pundits, most of whom predicted a big victory for Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.

But unless you having been living under a rock for the past week, you already know this. Many of you liked our analysis of the Brexit vote in June, especially how we saw it affecting the UK economy and the escorting industry. So we thought we would do the same for the election of the Donald to the office of the Most Powerful Man in the World. How could some of the potential policies of President Trump affect the UK and escorting in London?

One of the main planks of Trump’s campaign was to address the complicated tax laws of the US, particularly with regard to corporate tax. Giant American companies such as Microsoft and Starbucks have spent the past decade refusing to repatriate profits back to the US due to punitive rates of 40% and more. Instead they have chosen to keep the money with their subsidiaries in Europe and the Caribbean, with London being a key player in the game. Although it would have to pass Congress and the Senate, any change to US tax laws would surely be to encourage them to finally bring the money back home. We expect that this would have a significant negative knock-on effect for the City, which will reduce activity and may affect London’s ability to attract the best traders and the best escorts.

At the same time, Trump did have a lot of disagreements with other business leaders during the election, particularly with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, who Trump described as being a tax dodger. Bezos in turn started a high-profile campaign to send Trump on a rocket to the moon. If this war of words intensifies after the Donald is inaugurated, then we might another individual not on Trump’s Christmas Card list) shift business away from the US to places like Europe. London is the prime IT location outside of Silicon Valley, so could we see an influx of highly-paid computer geeks who want to meet sexy Latin ladies? The prospect is an intriguing one.

There is a lot of debate about what effect a Trump administration will have on the world economy. Some commentators say that his plans to cut taxes and increase government spending will have the effect of sending inflation higher, raising wages, interest rates and giving a boost to the global economy. It is true that after a brief dip in world stock markets, they have mostly made new highs since the result was announced. Any boost to the economy is surely to be welcomed and is good for anyone girl.

On the other hand, others claim that his plans to limit free-trade agreements will lead to a domino effect worldwide, as other countries respond by placing tariffs on goods and services. That would be bad for the City of London, which is already trying to wrap its head around Brexit and the loss of the EU passporting rights. Whether or not Trump will be good for the UK economy is a big unknown, and a lot will depend on which of his pre-election campaign promises will actually translate into concrete policies. Already he is talking about not putting Hillary in jail, and keeping parts of Obamacare, so his credibility on scrapping the trade agreements with Mexico, China and the EU is pretty shaky.

Depending on how serious Trump is about limiting immigration to the US, his policy of building a wall might prove very popular with US voters, which could resonate with UK voters too. With the UK leaving the EU by spring 2019, this could translate into a tougher immigration policy here, which might affect the supply of foreign escorts in London. We hope this isn’t going to be the case, as our Latin companions from countries such as Brazil are very popular these days.

Of course, all of the above scenarios depend on what this most unpredictable of candidates actually does when in office, and what he can get past Congress. For sure, the next four years are going to be interesting. Instead of worrying about what the future holds, why not take a leaf from the Donald’s own book, and enjoy the company of a beautiful woman? Here at Lilyfields London escort agency, we have some of the hottest escorts in London. Our brunette Latin escorts in particular are as beautiful and elegant as the next First Lady, so get in contact with us today and find your dream companion. Grab life with both hands with a Lilyfields escort today.