An Escort On The Screen

Lilyfields escorts have outstanding appearances and their profession is also much discussed. That is why most of the girls at Lilyfields are in the constant spotlight of film makers who are hunting for a captivating idea of their next scenarios. Here is a vivid example of one of our escorts who is asked to be the star of a documentary.  An escort on the screen is an achievement!

Hello and happy new year to all my regular readers and clients. Belated Seasons Greetings to you all and we hope that you’ve been nice not naughty. Unlike some of us!

It’s been a great year for us. We have met lots of fantastic people, and we have gone on some incredible dates, as high-quality Lilyfields London escorts can do. And we have fallen in love (more on that later) so it is hard to think how 2015 can improve on this year.

We have also – and this is very, very exciting – been approached by a documentary production company. They want to record a documentary which shows what it is like to be one of the high-class escorts in London. They want a truthful, honest and non-judgemental account of the realities of escorting and so they approached us.

But TV is just not our thing –  do you think the world is ready for a no-holds barred documentary about escorting?!

Of course, such a programme would need clients to appear in it, and that may be the stumbling block for that. We get that – the public doesn’t know just how many people out there use Lilyfields personal escorts services on a regular basis. It isn’t that unusual, but so many men think of it as their dirty little secret. A pity, really.

The researchers tell us the programme would like at the history of escorting, the issues around it and what a typical day is like for an escort. That is different for every escort, but we think there might be a lot of aspects to the escorts’  life that will surprise the programme makers – and the general public.

There is a lot to think about and the programme makers are anxious to stress at this point that nothing is for certain. They might do a lot of research with us, they might want to do a lot of filming with us – and then the programme might never appear anyway because no one of the TV networks want it.