Being an Escort Pays Education in London

Paying for education… It is really a problem for a lot of students in the UK. Alongside with high-quality education in Britain come education fees. Lots of young British people have no possibility to pay for their education as it becomes more and more expensive to get a degree, the proof of your intelligence. That is why most British students work part-time. They resort to different hack work, attractive girls find themselves rendering escorts services as being an escort pays education.

A great number of students start working in escort industry in order to pay for their education.

Young girls start pole dancing, escort work and even street walking, because the cost of higher education IS high and young people just don’t have such money. So to enter the university and continue the education, they start to provide escort services. This work is widespread among the students, because of increased popularity of pole dances and the opportunities for anonymous intimate work through the internet. Very often students use websites that connect them to the clients who seek for adventures. Such customers are ready to pay young students for varying levels of intimacy. Students can earn up to ?15,000 a year working in escort industry.

University of Leeds research found that a quarter of pole dancers had a degree and some ladies working as pole dancers compensate training in other professions. Some of escorts said that they suffered from physical and verbal harassment from the customers and they were forced to work in dangerous for life conditions.

University of Kingston research of 2010 year found out that 25% of students worked in escort industry to fund their studies, but in 1990 it was only three per cent of students. Besides, during the research they found out that 16% of students were ready to work in escort industry.

Dr Tracey Sagar from Swansea University is working on a three-year project to give advice and support to the student working as escorts in Wales. He claims that the authorities are not really aware of the jobs of their students; they do not aim at the changing of nature of student jobs.

Besides, the investigation help by the newspaper found one website claimed to have 1,400 girls aged between 17 – 24 years old. All of them got ‘scholarships’ by male ‘sponsors’ in exchange for intimate activity. A lot of companies have special offers for students. They offer young women ‘up to 100% of tuition fees’ in exchange for meetings with the clients in their apartments or hotel rooms up to four times a term.

It is a real shame that students have to work in escort industries, because they have no money to pay for the education. It’s disgrace for society. And government should open their eyes and solve the problem, until all the students decided to work in escort industry.

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