Ulster the Happiest Part of the UK? Thirty-Somethings Being Priced out of London?

We read a couple of interesting articles this week in the news which intrigued, and slightly scared us. The first is the story that Northern Ireland is apparently the happiest place in the UK.

When respondents from every part of the country were asked to rate their level of life satisfaction, the people of the six counties of Ulster scored a 7.7 out of 10. This compares with 7.51 in London. We wondered what could make the Northern Irish that bit happier with life. While they don’t have the same access to economic, leisure and cultural riches that the people of London do, perhaps it is something with shorter commutes and greener surroundings? Whatever the reason, we are now looking to get a flight over to Belfast to see what all the fuss is about.

Thirty-Somethings Priced out of London

The second story which concerned us slightly was the news that the number of thirty-somethings leaving London has risen by 48% in the last 5 years. Could it be that higher housing costs are forcing people to move out of the capital? Over the same period, house prices have risen by 37%, with rental costs rising at almost the same rate.

When you consider that wages have not been keeping up with this kind of inflation, we could well imagine that ambitious thirty-somethings, who are close to the prime of their career earnings, have decided that enough is enough and want to get on with their lives elsewhere. Which average earner could afford a half-million pound flat in London, particularly when houses in beautiful, wealthy cities like Leeds are going for less than half that amount?

Famous Sloane Rangers

This exodus of the thirty-somethings is something we have certainly noticed in the past few years. The famous Sloane Rangers of 80’s London have long since deserted Sloane Square, as even they – from their upper middle class background – have been priced out of the market. So who has been replacing them? Well, the sad truth is that nobody is.

Growth of London Property Prices

The huge growth of London property prices in recent years has been a result of hot money from Asia looking for a safe home, which cannot be confiscated by the governments of China, Thailand and other countries in the region. Either these properties are then rented out to gangs of twenty-somethings moving to London for the first time, or more likely, left empty.

Many bars, restaurants, laundromats and newsagents in prime areas of Central London are closing their doors, as there are just less people around to buy things. Why scrape a living when you can sell your shop to a property developer and make a fortune?

Sad State of Affairs

All in all, we find this a rather sad state of affairs, and we can’t believe that anyone can find this situation a pleasant one. Prime areas of London such as Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Kensington need to be enjoyed for what they are, which is a playground of the senses. Here you can eat in the finest restaurants, shop in the finest boutiques and gaze at some of the best art collections in the world. Wouldn’t it be sad to see all this go?


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And if this doesn’t make you happy, then we can only suggest you try Northern Ireland.