Mid-Summer Review

Mid-Summer Review: Heatwaves, Donald Trump Comes to Town, Brexit Updates and the World Cup

As we head towards the end of July, let’s take a breather and review the first half of the summer.


And what a summer it has been! The heatwave just keeps on going, with temperatures here in Central London hovering around 30 degrees on most days. Satellite photos from NASA show the effect of the temperatures and low rainfall from May to July. Buckingham Palace Gardens, Hyde Park, and even the Yorkshire Dales have been transformed from their usual lush green to a rather more Saharan shade of yellow.

The heatwave has been great for our Latin escorts on the other hand, as they are loving the kind of semi-tropical weather that they are used to from back home. Sunbathing in the park, swimming in open-air lidos, al fresco dining and warm summer evening strolls all appeal to their carefree and romantic nature. What’s more, they would love to share such experiences with you, on a fun summer escort date in London.

Our Latin escorts love the great outdoors, so whether you are into music festivals, boat cruises or just a picnic in the park, they are more than game to be your elegant and chic female companion.

World Cup

What’s more, many of our girls come from countries involved in the recent football world cup, where England finished fourth. That’s better than anything that Brazil (with the Brazilian London escorts at Lilyfields all cheering), Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru or Mexico managed to do, and it was pretty amazing to see Gareth Southgate and his team still around by the middle of July. The fans here in London went wild, watching the team from outdoor fan parks and pub gardens all across the capital.

While England undoubtedly did better than normal, we are a bit sceptical about the long-term prospects for this young team. The fact is, England played seven, won 3, lost 3 and drew one. What’s more, two of the teams they beat were Panama and Tunisia, who are hardly world-beaters, and against the only decent team they did beat (Sweden), their best player was the excellent goalkeeper Jordan Pickford.

Still, they did win on penalties against Colombia, so that should be a big psychological positive for the future, now that this particular monkey is off their back.

As for the rest of the competition, we loved it, with excitement from start to finish. However, our view is that eventual winners France were even luckier than England. After cruising unimpressively through their group, they came up against a kamikaze Argentina team, and still came close to losing. Then they took on a Cavani-less Uruguay, and still relied on a goalkeeping howler to get through. In the semi-final they were played off the park by Belgium (who sorely missed the brilliant Meunier) but won through a sneaky corner.

But what happened in the final against Croatia really took the biscuit. France scored the first two goals from an own-goal scored from a free-kick which shouldn’t have been given, and a penalty which seems more absurd the more we see it. In the second half, Croatia had to chase it, and were picked off on the counter-attack by the speedy Mbappe.

Were France the best team overall? Yes, in the absence of an outstanding team, then they probably were the pick of the bunch. But right now, the world media are acting as if France are going to dominate for the next decade. We just don’t see it, and if their luck from this world cup balances out in the next one, then we can well imagine them carrying on the winner’s curse and going home in the group stage.

That world cup will be held in 2022, and for the first time ever, the finals will take place in the autumn, from November 21st to December 18th. The reason for these unseasonal dates is that the finals will be held in the hot-house Gulf state of Qatar, which seems crazy to us. The place is a desert with just a couple of cities. Will they even serve beer? We have a right to know!


By 2022, will Brexit be a done deal? As we inch towards the March 2019 leaving date, things are hotting up, with the UK government tearing itself apart over the issue. Will there be a deal in time? Probably the negotiation teams will come up something, but there seems to be no way any deal can get a majority in the Houses of Parliament. Our view is that nobody in power will want to take responsibility for a decision, and that a dreaded second referendum will be called in the spring.


President Trump visited the UK last week, and oh boy, what a visit it was. The Donald managed to confound every section of the British media, sparked demonstrations up and down the land, questioned Theresa May’s approach to Brexit and met the Queen, resulting in even more Royal fashion analysis than the wedding of Harry and Meghan. Trump even managed to pop up to Scotland and play a round of golf at his Turnberry estate, before heading off to Helsinki and stirring up even more controversy with Putin.

Love him or loathe him, you can’t deny Trump gets column inches. Our Latin escorts were pretty bemused by the whole thing. One thing they have in common with the Donald is their ability to make a dramatic entrance. Like Trump, whenever they enter a room, heads turn, and tongues start wagging. Latin ladies are both physically beautiful and radiate sexiness and sassiness, making them ideal for dates in public as well as private and intimate encounters.

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