Brexit is delayed (again) – What Happens Next?

The interminable Brexit saga continues to drag on, and on. A full three years since the referendum decision to leave the EU has passed, and Britain is still a member of the European club.

Now it seems we must stay in until Hallowe’en, but let’s face it, even that’s not certain. Who would have thought back in 2016, we would be voting in the 2019 European elections? Nigel Farage is back with a new party (helpfully called…. erm….the Brexit Party) and has bet a cool grand that the party will win most seats in the European elections.

In fact, the bookies are having a field day with Brexit-themed bets. Betting exchange Smarkets have a number of different wagers on offer.

The most popular bet (with over £170,000 wagered) is on the date that Britain will leave the European Union. An early Brexit in the summer is the favourite of 17% of the money bet on it so far, while a Halloween departure has a 29% chance of coming true. Anytime in the year 2020 has an 8% implied chance of being the Brexit date. But the favourite is actually “Not Before 2021”, with a massive 31% of the money. With the way things are dragging on, that’s the option we would likely plump for.

Of course, Britain could choose to revoke Article 50 and never leave. Sure, it may lead to riots in the streets, but if does happen, those who bet on it at the bookies will find themselves that bit richer, as according to Smarkets it has odds of 20-1 of coming true. Meanwhile, a People’s Vote has a rather better chance of happening before the end of the year, as Smarkets gives this a 25% probability. We think this is likely where this story is inevitably headed, so this still looks like good value to us.

Our favourite market though is that for the Next Prime Minister. If Theresa May does get tired of the Brussels-London commute, then front-runners to replace her include Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (6/1), Boris Johnson (7/1) and Michael Gove (8/1). It all depends of course whether Mrs. May calls an election before or after she is pushed from Number 10. But some fun outsiders at the bookies are Nigel Farage (36/1) and David Cameron (85/1).

Irish bookie Paddy Power are even offering odds on the effects of a hard Brexit, including what will be the first food item to be rationed, and which country the Queen will be evacuated to. The way the ERG was going on about betrayal last week, a royal evacuation may be on the cards.

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