Four Things to Do in London before North Korea Nukes It

With geopolitical tensions rising in Asia, sometimes it feels like we are returning to the days of the Cold War, when at any moment we could get blasted into smithereens. In August, North Korean despot Kim Jong-Un warned that the UK “faces a miserable end”, but most of us laughed it off as an empty threat. But that was before last weekend’s successful test of a hydrogen bomb.

Since then, shit certainly seems to have hit the fan, with China, Russia and the US disagreeing with the way forward, and Kim threatening to fire more missiles. With the threat of instant death hanging over us once again, perhaps we can start to live for the moment and treasure every day a bit more. We only live once, and the following things should be on every Londoner’s bucket list to experience, before the Norks destroy it.

London is best seen from above, but there are better ways to appreciate it than getting stuck in a holding stack above Heathrow. A ride in your own private helicopter (well, for the afternoon, anyway) simply has to be the best way to experience the majesty of the winding River Thames, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and St Pauls Cathedral. Battersea is home to London’s best heliport so will likely be the start of your journey, and on your trip eastwards you can marvel at the world’s greatest city, before it gets wiped off the map in a nuclear explosion.

Helicopter rides are certainly exciting, but for an even bigger adrenalin rush, we recommend ice climbing in Covent Garden at the appropriately named Vertical Chill. Since the venue is indoors, you can scale the walls of ice all year round, and pretend you are Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, or Sir Edmund Hillary on Mount Everest, as you work your way up this icy cold wall. Remember, a thermonuclear explosion is an amazing ten times hotter than the sun, so if the bomb does go off, you want to be in as cold a place as possible, and this would appear to be it!

Anybody who has seen the depressing 1980’s post-apocalyptic BBC drama Threads will know that food will be hard to come by after a nuclear winter. That’s why we should try to enjoy tantalising our taste buds with the finest combination of flavours possible. Celebrity chef and taste pioneer Heston Blumenthal is known for making the most mouth-watering dishes around today, and at his Dinner restaurant in Knightsbridge, you can experience his culinary delights for yourself. This restaurant just so happens to be the most expensive in London, so this is a once in a lifetime treat you won’t forget!

So far, we have only discussed things you can do on your own, but all of these exciting activities would be even more wonderful if you enjoyed them in the company of a charming female. And that’s the subject of our final item on our pre-WW3 bucket list – to spend a whole day with a sexy, beautiful and passionate Brazilian lady of Lilyfields London escort agency. London is famously cosmopolitan, and attracts escorts from around the world, but the best of the bunch have to be Latinas. Whether they hail from Brazil, Argentina or Italy, Latin girls have the kind of loving personalities that make a date with them such a romantic experience.

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We all die one day, so why not live life to the max, and savor every moment? You are lucky enough to have access to London, one of the world’s most vibrant cities, and there are so many fun things to do here. Best of all, Brazilian escorts are on hand to enhance your experience and turn any occasion into one you will look back on fondly in your final moments.