UK and the World: New Year’s 2018 Predictions

2017 is done, and soon we celebrate the old and bring in the new as New Year’s Eve marks the transition to another year. And how better to celebrate than with a sexy Latin escort in London?

What will 2018 have in store? We did a search for the most interesting and eye-opening predictions for what could happen in the world next year, and here is what we found.

Danish finance house Saxobank makes a set of wild and crazy economic predictions every year, with – it must be said – rather mixed results. However, their ideas are certainly entertaining, and do force investors to think outside the box. This year, Saxobank see Bitcoin surging as high as $60,000, before Russia and China begin a crackdown on cryptocurrencies, leading to it crashing to the $1000 level. Their other predictions include Austria, Hungary and other Central European nations taking over the reins of the EU from France and Germany, leading to the Euro-dollar exchange rate crashing towards 1:1.

Technology always surprises us with its new innovations, but 2017 was a pretty poor year for innovation. Even the latest iPhone failed to offer any wow factors to anyone but the most loyal fanboi. However, away from the consumer end of the market, 2017 did show some signs of amazing progress in the fields of genetics and artificial intelligence (AI), and it looks likely that 2018 will be the year when some of these advances become more mainstream.

For example, China is pushing ahead with the uses of facial recognition in our everyday lives, and with the tech now starting to be integrated in our smartphones, next year we might just be able to start paying for things and accessing facilities using our faces. Meanwhile, the cost of mapping a human genome has fallen from $3 billion to just $1000 in only a decade, and 2018 could be the year when consumers could be able to get cheap and accurate risk assessments for heritable diseases such as bipolar disorder and many cancers.

Martin Armstrong is an American ex-financier and friend to the rich and famous who fell from grace after being convicted for insider trading (which he strenuously denies). Whatever the truth about his ethical behaviour, there can be no doubt that some of his financial and geopolitical predictions have made a lot of people rich, and rumour has it that that many world leaders still beat a path to his door for advice. In 2018, Armstrong sees a continuation of the trend for countries to fall apart. After Catalonia’s thwarted attempt at going it alone in 2017, Armstrong sees a surge in separatist movements in Canada, Italy and Poland. Could we see an independent Quebec, South Tyrol or Silesia in 2018?

Nostradamus was a 16th Century French psychic who made all kinds of predictions, many of which have come true already, for example, the rise and fall of Hitler, and the French revolution. His forecasts have been particularly spot-on in the last couple of years, including the Presidential victory of Donald Trump and the recent recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital by the US, which has caused a lot of tension throughout the Middle East. Many believe 2018 is going to see yet more of his predictions be realized, including a major eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Naples, and a devastating crash in the global economy.

What do you think will happen in 2018? Do you think that Nostradamus will continue his rich vein of form, after his successes with Trump in 2016 and Israel in 2017? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter or discuss it on your next date with one of our Lilyfields London escorts and see if you can do a better job at predicting the future than the professional soothsayers.