Canary Wharf E14

Canary Wharf is a most enthralling area in East London E14. Canary Wharf is a well known as part of London’s central business district, as well as the City of London, and forms the most important financial center in the United Kingdom, and one of the most important financial centers of all the world. One Canada Square, one of Canary Wharf’s numerous skyscrapers, which houses a fair amount of businesses, is in fact the third tallest building in London, competing with other buildings in Europe and worldwide.

Canary Wharf was developed on the site of the former West India Docks, and is now one of the most important fincancial districts in the world, together with New York. The origin of the name is due to it being the quay in London where the ships from the Canary Islands unloaded their cargo of mainly fruits and vegetables, and in it’s days it was one of the busiests docks in the world. Today Canada Square, Cabot Square, Westferry Circus, Heron Quays and more are all parts of this much sought after area in London.

Once you arrive at Canary Wharf, you will be thrown by the beauty of the sun reflecting on the tall buildings. And if you are a water lover, you will be mesmerized walking along the canals surrounded by an amazing selection of restaurants and bars, where you can stop and get refreshed before you continue your adventure. Because Canary Wharf may be new (the first buildings only appeared beginning of the nineties), but it has become one of the main attractions in London, now not only because of its business origins. It is simply a most thrilling part of London for sightseeing!

To visit Canary Wharf it is not only easy to reach by car or by tube, especially as one can take the DLR which is overground and thus has an amazing view of the whole Isle of Dogs, as the Peninsula was also known before investors took over and started building this area that has become such an important part of London. One can also reach it by boat, with several cruises like the ones starting in Westminster, with a most amazing view of London all along the river Thames while getting a sun tan at the same time. Or just taking a boat in nearby Greenwhich accross the river, which is also amazing by cruising along the buildings of Canary Wharf and the surrounding areas.

Canary Wharf is nowadays not only a financial hub, it is an exciting area of London and a great attraction to turists. As a bonus, it is very near to the O2 Arena and Greenwhich, which both each definitely merit a visit. The O2 Arena has much grown over the years and apart from being a main attraction as a venue for all kinds of musicians and theater entertainers over the world (and we are talking about the most famous musicians, music bands, plays and musicals) it has become a little city in itself with many shops and restaurants. As it is based in North Greenwhich by the river bank, it has an outside path all along the river Thames, taking you past the much sought after part of London which is Greenwhich Village, and even further along to the Thames Barrier and beyond. This walk is truly exceptional as one can admire from afar both Canary Wharf in all it’s splendour, but also marvel at how beautiful the river Thames really is. And to experience something truly exceptional, you just need to stand by the Thames Barrier when the river changes tides and this sensational piece of engenieering closes or opens depending on London’s needs to protect itself from the incoming tide.

If you wish to visit Greenwhich while you are in Canary Wharf, you can go by car or tube, but you can also have the unique experience of going by foot, through the tunnel which takes you to where the Cutty Sark is displayed in Greenwhich. There you can admire this famous British clipper from the 19th century in all it’s glory, as it is beautifuly perserved in its original state.

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