Top Cuisines of Latin Girls and The Best London Haunts to Enjoy Them

What sets Latin escorts apart from most other kinds of escorts in London today, is their commitment to enjoying life and all its luxuries and delicacies. Many men frequently complain that it is hard to take escorts out for dinner, as so many of them seem to be on a weird diet. You will rarely find this problem with Latin escorts, as they have a healthy and mature attitude to food. Food is there to be enjoyed and savoured, in moderation of course. So if you are looking for a dinner companion with whom to enjoy some of London’s finest restaurants, then we really would urge you to consider a Latin escort from Lilyfields. That way you can relax, have a sparkling conversation and not worry that your dinner companion will only be ordering a mineral water and one leaf of lettuce.

So where can you go for dinner with one of our girls? Well, we did a survey of what kinds of cuisine our Latin ladies like the most, to find out their top 5 most popular foods. We hope you will find the results appetizing!


Japanese Cuisine

In first position is Japanese cuisine. Japan has a highly prized culinary tradition, and it could be said that this nation lives for food. They prize quality over quantity, and any visitor to Japan is struck by how delicious the food there is. Even a bowl of ramen from a street vendor tastes sublime. So we can certainly see why this kind of cuisine is the most favoured among our Latin girls, as it is just so tasty.

Sushi is the most internationally-known kind of Japanese cuisine, and London has some of the best sushi restaurants outside of Japan. Sushisamba is our particular favourite, as well as that of our Latin escorts. This 38th floor establishment perched high above Bishopsgate fuses Japanese and Brazilian food, and is a great place for lovers of sushi, as well as newcomers to this artistic kind of cuisine. But Japanese food is much more than just raw fish.

The best Japanese restaurants in London combine a wide variety of tasty foods with a warm and cosy atmosphere. For example, Dinings in Mayfair is based around the concept of the traditional izakaya restaurant, where you can enjoy small nibbles of Japanese-style tapas. A great idea for a date with a Latin escort is to visit this place and order several plates to share. There are few things more intimate that you can do in public than sharing plates of food, and Japanese restaurants are the ideal places to do so.

Italian Food

Coming up in second position is Italian food. For us, the cuisine of Italy is the ultimate comfort food, no matter whether it be pizza or pasta, and our girls seem to agree. The Italians certainly know how to enjoy their food, and in our experience, London has the best Italian restaurants in the world, outside of Italy, of course. There are a number of modern, high-end Italian restaurants in town these days, such as Angela Hartnett’s Murano, and these rightly win plaudits among the capital’s foodies.

However, sometimes traditional is best, and for the most romantic setting to enjoy Italian food with a sexy London escort, we recommend the more rustic feel of somewhere like Ciao Bella in Bloomsbury. Here you can enjoy classic favourites such as risotto, lasagne and spaghetti, all cooked to perfection. Unlike the posh Italian places, they even serve pizza, which in our opinion is the greatest food ever invented. If you want a relaxing, tasty and unpretentious meal, then go here, safe in the knowledge that most of our escorts would love to join you.

French Cuisine

Third in the list of favourite foods of Latin escorts is French cuisine. If you are looking to tantalize your taste buds, then the food of France always has something to offer, particularly if you combine it with a fine wine from Burgundy or Côtes du Rhone. Going out for dinner in a French restaurant is always a special occasion, and is therefore a popular choice among our clients, who love to enjoy the experience in the company of a beautiful and elegant partner.

One of their most popular haunts in London is the Clos Maggiore in Covent Garden. Using only the freshest locally-sourced ingredients, the chef Marcellin Marc creates some amazing Provençal themed-dishes. The intimate dining area was voted as the Number One Most Romantic Restaurant in the World by Architectural Digest last year, as well as The Most Romantic Restaurant in The UK by Hardens three years in succession.

Brazilian Food

Since many of our girls come from Brazil, it should be no surprise tosee Brazilian food being popular, and indeed, it takes the fourth spot. Brazilian cuisine is famously meat-centred, and it is true that the best steaks in London are found in the Brazilian restaurants known as churascerias. Here, a waiter will come to the table with a skewer, on which are speared various kinds of meat, such as beef, pork, lamb or chicken. It’s easy to ask for too much of this tasty charcoal-grilled meat, so take it easy, and leave room for the other delicious offerings, such as the feijoada brasileira, which is a really tasty mix of rice and black beans.

London has in recent years seen a big growth in Brazilian restaurants, but our favourite is the Desejo do Brazil in Paddington. The meat is the most tender in London, the choice of side dishes are incredible, and the decor really brings to mind the vivacity of Brazil. Yum, yum, just thinking about this place makes us hungry for lunch.

Mediterranean Cuisine

Our top 5 is rounded off by Mediterranean cuisine. This kind of food is as healthy as it is delicious, and the Mediterranean diet is recommended by doctors worldwide as a cure for cancer, heart disease and other ailments. The people of the island of Sardinia are particularly noted for their longevity, with most living past the age of 90, and they attribute their excellent health to this diet. Rich in fish, nuts and olive oil, Mediterranean food is the ideal cuisine of choice for those who want to keep in top condition, so it should be no surprise that our girls go crazy for it.

The best place to enjoy this kind of food in London right now is the Turkish restaurant Liman, situated in Islington. Serving a delicious selection of vegetables, fish and meat dishes from across the Mediterranean region, this intimate and warm restaurant gets very busy at weekends, so it makes sense to book ahead. We can think of no better place to be with one of our beautiful Latin escorts.