Don’t Stop the Music

Our Latin girls love to dance and love to listen to music. Whether they are at home, in a club or out and about, they like nothing better than to have some cool sounds available to improve the ambience of their lives. The right and appropriate music can make romance more sparkling, work more productive and exercise more fun. The best way to enjoy music is to share it with someone who has similar tastes. As you will want to have as much fun as possible on your date with one of our elite Latin London escorts, shared musical tastes can help make the date so much more enjoyable. You can discuss your favourite songs over dinner, set the mood for romantic fun and games, and perhaps even have a singalong together in the shower afterwards.

So what kinds of music do our Latin companions like to listen to? Each time we meet a new lady we ask her about her likes and dislikes, including music, so we decided to go back through their answers and see if we could find some common patterns and the most favoured choices. The results are below, and if you like any of these kinds of music, then you are going to have a blast together for sure.

#1 Deep House

One kind of music that consistently comes top of the charts when it comes to Latin women is deep house. This genre began in the clubs of 80’s Chicago, taking advantage of the newly developed electronic synthesizer technology to create an entirely new form of music. Deep House is best described as having a smooth uptempo melody, and is often layered with ambient vocals. Of course, music isn’t exactly best described with words, so if you have ever heard relaxing music in a cool bar or club such as Cafe del Mar, then chances are this is Deep House.

Because the music is electronically produced and often uses sampling, typical Deep House artists tend to be DJ’s such as Armand van Helden, and not more established artists. Deep House is a good choice for working out, creating happy and upbeat atmospheres, dancing and sometimes romantic situations, although most find it too fast-paced for dinner music. Why not search Youtube, Spotify or Soundcloud for Deep House and see if you like this favourite of Latin escorts?

#2 Chill Out Music

Similar in style to Deep House, but with more of a slower and softer edge, Chill Out music is the kind of thing you might hear in a Buddha Bar compilation album, and this is also rather popular among our companions. This relaxing genre is very useful for escort dates, as it can be used as a suitable backing track to a dinner date, sensual massage sessions and even more intense dates. As the name suggests, you can even use it to relax as you enjoy each other’s company and order breakfast in bed.

#3 Latin American Music

As you might expect with Latin escorts, Latin American music is very popular, and many of our escorts like to listen to tunes from their homelands. Brazilian music in particular is mentioned frequently as a favourite by our girls, as they find the rhythmic beats and uplifting vocals very inspiring. Modern Brazilian dance music is influenced by the traditional bossa nova and samba music of earlier decades, and whenever we listen to it, we imagine ourselves reclining on the Copacabana sands and watching tanned lovelies play beach volleyball as we sip on our caipirinhas. Our escorts would be delighted to accompany you to a Brazilian or other Latin American (such as salsa) music club and introduce you to these unique musical styles.

#4 Pop Music

However, it’s not just dance music that our escorts love. They also like normal pop music with proper lyrics and a decent tune. For example, the English singer-songwriter Sam Smith is a popular chap these days, and our girls can’t get enough of his songs, particularly the track he recorded for the last James Bond movie. Perhaps as you might expect, many of our girls also like the romantic music of Pretty Woman and other soundtracks of their favourite movies, as well as the music of Adele. If you like to listen to men and women warble about lost love and other sentimental tosh, then you will definitely find no lack of Latin ladies who share your tastes.

#5 Rock Music

A surprising amount of our escorts also chose rock music as their favourite. There is something about rock music that can get the blood pumping andthe heart racing. No matter whether it be the oldies like the Stones, Guns and Roses or Bon Jovi, or more modern twists on the genre such as nu-metal or alternative rock, our ladies like to rock to a good beat. This makes them ideal partners for visits to some of London’s best music venues like the O2 arena, Wembley stadium and the summer pop-up rock festivals.

# 6 All Kinds of Music

However if you aren’t really a fan of any of the kinds of music previously mentioned, don’t despair. The most popular music choice of our Latin girls was in fact: All Music. So if you like classical music, then the chances are that your chosen escort date will also appreciate a bit of Beethoven or Verdi. If you secretly enjoy listening to music from the 80’s and 90’s that is seen as ‘uncool and unfashionable’ then for sure they will like it too.

Quite often we find our feet spontaneously dancing to a bit of Roxette, Phil Collins or Duran Duran (although we were informed recently that Simon Le Bon and co are now considered cool again). So don’t be ashamed of your preferred music. Latin girls from Lilyfields are open-minded in all kinds of ways and they would love to find out your favourites, and if you ever wanted someone to do a sexy dance to your fave tracks, then our escorts are the right choice!

What kind of music do you like? Do you like a particular type of music, band or even a particular song, and would like to meet a Latin escort who also shares your tastes?