Vamp Girls

Lilyfields escorts are sometimes unpredictable. They often like experimenting with their looks. One of the most popular appearance changes of our girls is a Vamp style! Vampish looks make them stand out from the crowd of escort girls and take advantage over them. Vamp girls attract those men who are tired of the monotony and ordinariness of life. 

I’m embracing a new, Vamp-ish look in celebration of the new season. I like to look slightly more wholesome in the summer – y’know, the kind of girl next door, butter wouldn’t melt look.

I choose pretty tea-dresses to wear with sandals or wedges, I keep my make-up natural and toned down and I opt for beautiful white and pink lingerie. If I accidentally leave my knickers off – then, whoops!


But now Hallowe’en and the autumn is well and truly upon us I’ve decided to change my Lilyfields adventurous escorts image for a naughtier one. It has been a lot of fun creating my brand new image. I’m just so adaptable!

I’ve changed my hair colour to dark brown, glossy and very straight, I’ve picked up a pair of violet-coloured contact lenses to change my look slightly and I’ve been to Agent Provocateur to select some beautiful underwear which has a Burlesque look to it.

The items I have bought from Agent Provocateur include a red basque laced up tightly with black velvet ribbons, and a fabulous maroon-coloured corset which finishes under the bust line and includes fish hooks you can un-do one at a time so that my assets are revealed in full.

Then there are the stockings, black, sheer and lace-topped, the over-the-knee stiletto boots in kiss-ably soft suede, as well as a pair in patent leather and the red and plum-coloured lipsticks I match with dark-lined eyes and pale, pale skin.

If you are going to do the vamp thing properly, though, you must extend the whole look to your home or boudoir. I’ve done this by buying up some fabulous silks and satins in dark colours, to decorate my bed.

I’ve also invested in some fur throws as the feel of fur on bare skin is very luxurious and sensual, and I’ve changed the decor. I’ve bought some amazing printed wall papers and I’ve added in some beautiful Gothic mirrors.

With some scented candles – cinnamon and spice, pomegranate and a dark chocolate one – the mood is complete. Now I suggest you book me via Lilyfields as soon as possible to you too can enjoy my Vamp make-over.

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