Escorts’ Lingerie: Knickers!

There are a lot of things Lilyfields escorts are fond of and naturally giving due to their femininity they are true fans of beautiful underwear. There are escort girls who are particularly keen on certain thing of underwear – panties. Here is the story of one Lilyfields escort who confesses her weakness for panties. 

Do you know, there is a subject very close to my heart (almost literally!) and that is panties! Or knickers as you prefer to say here in the UK.

Lingerie is an important part of my look. I like to make sure that I wear matching underwear at all time and I always choose the lingerie that matches the occasion. I also know the underwear I suit. Balconette bras for instance and French knickers are a winning combination.


Sometimes, though, only a thong will do. And at other times, you want a lot of lace and then at others, a more streamlined look to go with a tight-fitting dress, or skinny jeans.

You might expect me, as one of the best London escorts of Lilyfields, to have a lot of lingerie and you would be quite correct, but I do actually possess more panties than bras because I love them so much. There is nothing that cheers me more than purchasing a new pair. And because panties are a little cheaper than other items of lingerie, you feel as if you are buying yourself a little, good-for-you treat.

But if you do want luxury, remember there are some very nice brands out there. You probably can’t afford certain designer clothing, but you might be able to stretch to a pair of panties! Agent Provacteur, Fox and Rose and Fleur of England for example.

If I was going to throw out all of underwear and start again (which won’t happen, those panties are too precious), then this is what I’d invest in. I’d buy several pairs of basic thongs for going underneath tight-fitting clothes, then I’d buy some French camis for looking pretty.

I’d buy plenty of pretty panties, in a high cut leg style as they are more flattering and make your legs look longer and I’d definitely stock up on lots of bow-tie briefs. There is something very, very sexy about panties that can be untied.

From time to time, though, you need to go commando. If you’re going to do it ladies, don’t let your partner know in advance, Let him find out, preferably when you are in a public place and there’s nothing he can do about it immediately.

He’ll be putty in your hands by the time you get home!

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