Common Grounds: Escorting and Fashion

Finding similarities of escorting and fashion businesses, one should understand that both of them have the common ground. Beauty is something that can be checked as the thing that unites the industries in its more general understanding. When we have a closer look at them, there will appear more similarities which we have highlighted in our article. 

Often in life you come across strange connections that you wouldn’t have expected. Maybe you meet someone in an entirely different country who happens to know someone you work with back home. Or you are thinking of a song you haven’t heard for years, and suddenly it comes on the radio as though reading your mind. These little mysteries catch the attention and imagination, and there is one more that has been making the rounds lately: the shocking connection between the escorting and fashion industries.


At first glance, the two would seem to have nothing in common whatsoever. But looking a bit closer, you start to realize that the two are intertwined and commonly leak into one another. Why is this? What do the two have in common? Why has it become so obvious in the past couple of years to even those not working in either field?

To begin to unravel the mystery, you have to understand exactly what the escort industry is. Not to be confused with the sex industry, an escort is a woman who can be hired as a date for an evening or longer. Usually done through an agency, she will spend time with you, accompany you to events, and be a pleasant companion. Much of this relies on compatibility with the client, which is why booking through a reputable agency that gives you plenty of accurate information on the women is so important.

In the last few years, escort agencies have been growing, especially in cities like London, New York, Paris and Milan. All of which are fashion capitals of the world. In each city, a higher number of women turning to escorting have been models. Some have been high profile models who have chosen to leave the fashion industry, or lessen their time on the runway. They are now offering their time as dates to men who are looking for the ultimate dating experience.

Models make fantastic London escorts. They are beautiful, well groomed, sophisticated, intelligent and cultured. They have experience working glamorous events like galas and glittering parties. Most are also involved in the high class lifestyle. All of this makes them uniquely suited to positions at top agencies.

So the fashion and escort industries might not be related, per se. But they are pretty closely tied, nevertheless.