Latin Stunners and Their Summer Bikinis That Will Turn You On

The bikini was invented in 1946 by Parisian fashion designer Louis Réard. Reard had noticed on his summer trips to the beaches of St. Tropez that female bathers were rolling up the edges of their swimsuits tomidriff exposed.

His revolutionary two-piece design was named after the Bikini atoll in the Pacific Ocean, where the US army was testing atomic bombs at the time. A genius at generating publicity, Reard once declared that a two-piece swim suit wasn’t a genuine summer bikini “unless it could be female cyclists to follow the Tour de France in the early 50’s.

These days, summer bikinis are an essential part of every woman’s summer wear, and the same is true of our Latin escorts. Many of them grew up around the beach culture of Brazil, where getting a good tan is very important. And we have to say that our girls look absolutely fabulous in a bikini. Their toned feminine bodies certainly look their best in a skimpy two-piece, and they love to show themselves off in them.

Perhaps if you choose a date with one of our Latin escorts, you can request them to give you a bikini show? That sounds a great way to spend an evening. On the other hand, you might want to consider the possibility of inviting one of our Latin escorts away for a day trip where she can put on her bikini in public and make all the guys jealous of you?

There are plenty of places you can invite a Latin stunner from our selection this summer where she can put on a skimpy two-piece and get the temperatures rising. Brighton is known for tolerating all kinds of outrageous behaviour, and we love the thought of one of our curvy Latin babes cavorting in the surf with you while wearing a bikini which would make Louis Reard’s eyes pop out. That said, you don’t even have to leave town to enjoy some sunbathing fun with one of our London escorts.

For Green Park in particular is known as a haunt where the beautiful hot people come to catch some rays, and bikinis are very acceptable here. But London is also home to several urban beaches these days, and summer 2017 will be the perfect time to visit them in the company of a bikini-wearing Brazilian escort from Lilyfields. Neverland on the Fulham riverside is classy and sexy, just like our girls, and they even have a VIP area where you hire your own Beach Butler.

We hope we have managed to spark some ideas in you about how to combine the world’s skimpiest beach costume and London hottest escorts in London to make the perfect summer date.