Latin Dance Starts a Romance

With Strictly Come Dancing soon to be on our screens again, many of us will think again about learning a new dance routine. The Latin countries are famous for their erotic and passionate forms of dancing, and if you are looking to learn a style, chances are that style will be from the Latin world!

Of course, every sexy Latin dance needs a sexy partner, and with our elite selection of Latin escorts, you will be spoiled for choice in this department. Let’s look at the most popular dance styles around today, a little bit about their history, and where in London you can learn them.

Like many of our absolute top London escorts, the Samba dance style comes from Brazil. Technically, samba is a musical style involving a 2/4 rhythm, but as it is so natural to move to, the dance is now well-known around the world. If you ever have seen the hip-shaking routines of the Rio de Janeiro carnival, then you know this dance. Most of our Brazilian escorts are well-versed in the moves, and would be happy to show you in person, particularly if you combine it with a date at the Sushisamba fusion restaurant at Bishopsgate in the City.

Tango was born in Argentina towards the end of the 19th century and is perhaps one of the most romantic dances of all time. The dance is best performed to slower music than other Latin dance forms, and typically involves a chest-to-chest or thigh-to-thigh embrace, with the male taking the lead. These days the dance is a big favourite among Strictly viewers, some of whom want to learn the challenging and physical moves themselves. London has a plethora of venues where you can practice and any of our Argentinian escorts would be delighted to help you have an authentic experience.

Salsa is another popular dance style, which originated in Cuba in the 19th century but burst onto the international scene in New York in the 1970’s. There are several styles to the dance, but all involve the partners often switching positions, and it is known to be relatively easy and fun, as well as a good physical workout. Merengue on the other hand developed in the Dominican Republic and this style lets the two partners shake their hips from side to side while they hold onto each other. It’s a sexy dance and along with salsa, is very popular across London’s dancing scene.

They say that dancing is like sex with your clothes on, and when you see some of the sexy moves that skilled Latin escorts can pull off, it’s hard to disagree with that assessment! If you are looking to improve your moves or even want to learn a whole new style, then London’s cosmopolitan and international character means there is no shortage of opportunities. London has dance classes and venues where you can learn and practice any kind of routine, and with our sexy Latin escorts on hand, you never need to want for a perfect partner!