Beach Holidays with the Most Beautiful Girls

Beach holidays with Lilyfields travelling companions may be the most unforgettable kind of rest for you. What can be better than finding yourself in a company of a lovely travel girl somewhere on a warm beach drinking yummy cocktails? We have prepared a list of some beach spots that are worth considering. 


If you are planning a summer beach holiday with a curvy escort girl, you may want to know where you should be going. Luckily, the world is full of beautiful beach resorts where you can go to and enjoy the scenery, the water, the food, the music, the culture and, most of all, each other. Let’s take a look at some of the best beach destinations to go to with your curvy escort.


The Maldives will offer you the sunny side of life. You can enjoy gorgeous deep blue seas, reefs that are the colour of postcards, gorgeous white sandy beaches lined with palm trees and more. It is a place that is untouched by modern life and is full of character. The native people have perfected the art of living idyllically and they know how to show it. Whether you want to sit together, holding hands, sipping a cocktail and watching the sun go down, or whether you want to enjoy the geological marvel that is the Maldives and do some exploring, it is all possible. And best of all, no matter where you are sitting, standing, or lying down with limbs intertwined, thousands of beautiful fish will be near you.


Goa is the place where all the hippies decided to go to during the free love era of the late 60s and it has retained this very strongly. This is why it is such a great place to take an escort to. After all, what better place to be with someone who’s business it is to make you feel physically fantastic than somewhere where everybody believes in free love? Added to that, it is a gorgeous place with a fantastic culture and plenty of things to see and do. If you can drag yourself out of your bed or hammock, that is.


Martinique, one of the Lesser Antilles islands, is known as the Flower of the Caribbean. It is an island full of history and culture, where you can enjoy all the things that make the Caribbean great, as well as all the things that make France great, as it is an old French colony. The people are incredibly friendly and laid-back. It is no surprise that this island has been the inspiration for so many artists, writers and poets. Strolling along the local markets and ending up with a cocktail on the beach before retiring to a very comfortable bedroom in one of Martinique’s amazing hotels is a fantastic way to spend a summer beach holiday with an escort.


Jamaica is the place of Bob Marley, reggae and weed. Unfortunately, as beautiful of an island as it is, crime rates are ridiculously high. This has put off a lot of visitors from coming and since tourism is one of Jamaica’s main sources of income, something needed to be done. Hence, a number of gorgeous all inclusive resorts have been started that offer you everything you could possibly need from a holiday. You will never feel like you are in the confines of a resort, with multiple restaurants to choose from, various forms of entertainment, lots of different pools and gorgeous white sandy beaches. Dance the night away with your voluptuous London escort for a holiday of a lifetime.