Spring of Escorts

When spring comes, it seems everything comes into action and life starts seething. London escorts at Lilyfields have the best times beginning with spring. They have a lot of outcall bookings that presuppose accompanying clients on dinner dates or even holidays. All popular holiday resorts open pleasure opportunities and a perfect place of work for most escorts. Spring of escorts is officially he best time!

Wouldn’t you know – today really does seem like the first day of spring – spring of escorts. Reluctantly pulling back the long, heavy crimson velvet drapes in the bedroom this morning (how often have we done this only to wonder if we had been doing some kind of rain dance in our slumber only hours before?), we were delighted to see a glimmer of sunlight peeking through the trees.

What a difference the sun can make to our mood.  Already making plans to unhook those velvet bad boys and get some light silken numbers up there; possibly swopping the purple for Radiant Orchid – seeing as that’s the ‘in’ colour for 2014 (well, according to those colour guru’s Pantone anyway). Of course, what that means in reality is that we’ll all be sick of the sight of it come January 2015.

Later breakfasting at a street cafe in Kensington, it was obvious that everyone passing was a little cheerier. Probably half of them were romanticising about which sunny clime they were going to head off to on their holidays that summer. We don’t have to worry our pretty little head about that as we are already booked for a girlie holiday in Madeira come May. It’s a bit selfish really considering that we are just back from a couple of weeks in Madrid (isn’t being a Lilyfields London escort just wonderful?).

But then it was work. We were entertaining a long-time and favourite client who was out there on business for two weeks. He couldn’t bear the idea of spending every night alone in a hotel room. “Could I accompany him,” he asked, and  said he’d make it up to us by treating us to a few little Gucci outfits that he’d heard us mention off and on in passing. Well, it’s hard to say no to that kind of proposition, isn’t it!

And Madrid is hardly a hardship. In fact, while his nibs went to endless meetings we visited a few galleries, had fun food sampling and drank a few classes of chilled Tio Pepe (well, when in Spain… we were getting a little fed up with champers anyway). And then, we had to make sure we made time to pop into the Gucci outlets in the city centre too. It wasn’t exactly our sole purpose for being in Spain, but it certainly made the whole holiday a lot more exciting in our book.