Food Preferences of Escorts

Escorts are very food-conscious and they have to be as they are the ones who expose their appearances for a strict judgement of their clients and colleagues. Food is one of the most discussed topics for escorts. One of our girls has shared her opinion on nutrition and her eating preferences. She has also told us about one of her bookings by a client who needed a companion to have dinner in a restaurant.

All my friends are on diets – it is that time of the year. As one of most in-demand escorts in London keeping my figure in good shape is hugely important. I need to give men the ‘wow’ factor, but I do think many women aim for a figure which is preferred by women, rather than men.

Those friends of mine who are dieting bemoan their curves and aim for skinny looks – the hollow chests, the teeny-tiny waists and the non-existent hips. You can guess who they model themselves on and yet in surveys, men very rarely say that they think Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and all those other skinny-minnies are their idea of a beautiful body.

I eat foods which promote my good health and to keep my skin smooth and supple (necessary, of course, for my skin to feel gorgeous to the touch) and I exercise to stay healthy. But if I am accompanying a man on a date to one of London’s best restaurants (and this happens to me a lot), of course I am not going to order salad and of course I am not going to push the food around my plate and pretend to be full after only a mere two bites.

It takes much more than that to satisfy my appetites.

Last week, I was in fact taken to one of London’s top restaurants. It had two Michelin stars and my client said he was tired of being fed rabbit food at home – hence the need to eat out. Eating out by himself, though, he said would not have been half as much fun so he had contacted London escorts to find a willing volunteer happy to share good food.

I was more than happy to accompany him and we savoured our way through the six-course taster menu, accompanied by wines carefully selected to match each exquisite mouthful. I became conscious after a while that he had stopped eating and was watching me instead.

“Ah,” he sighed, “the joy of watching a beautiful women lick her fingers…”

In the end, we took the remains of the dessert course (an incredibly smooth and rich chocolate mousse) and vanished upstairs. I could have licked the rest of it off my fingers, but I chose to lick it off something else.