The Scottish Meet Up: Summer in London

Summer is the best time to have a rest after a long year of hard work. In summer most people head to their favourite holidays destinations. London escorts also have their top hols spots which they visit whenever they have time. What is remarkable here is that escorts are free to choose any time of the year for their rest because they are not tied to the working shifts. Summer in London has finally settled and Londoners became full of enthusiasm and optimism about the weather and the approaching rest. 

Phew, June already and London is beginning to heat up. The temperatures have soared the last few weekends and as a result, everyone is shrugging off the gloom of that long, wet winter.


As you can imagine, I don’t need the sunshine and the rising Mercury for temperatures to soar near me. I’m always hot, hot, hot… But I must admit, the lovely weather of the past few weeks has made a real difference to the mood of Londoners and my clients.

And everyone wants to celebrate…

I’ve always made good money as an escort. I am able to finance a certain standard of living through this work. I’m not an extravagant or spendthrift type of person, but I do like certain luxuries. I like good clothes and nice shoes (I do love a pair of Louboutins – and my clients also adore those red-soled beauties); I’d rather eat fillet steak than a hamburger, and I love the very best champagne rather than Cava, for example.

I’m also an independent kind of person, so choosing my working hours and not being stuck with 9 to 5 drudgery works well for me.

The warm temperatures, though, seem to have encouraged lots of interest in Lilyfields escorts in London and I’ve been working flat out for the last few weeks. Everyone is looking for company – whether that’s for a date to sit beside whilst they watch the sun go down, or they want someone to stroll along the river with, or they find themselves in the city on a Friday night and what better way to celebrate than with a beautiful woman? I’ve been making some very good money these last few weeks.

Happy days!

My long-term finance goals are to invest in property – if the last few weeks are anything to go by, those goals get closer to being realised. Luckily for me, one of clients is something of a property mogul in London and he has always promised me he’ll advise when the time is right.

But all work and no play makes Jack (Jill) a dull girl, so I have promised myself the weekend off. I know – I’m sorry dear capital city; one of your favourite escorts in London is taking a few days off and her exquisite company will be unavailable for a few days.

And how does a Lilyfields London escort spend her time off? This might surprise you, but I am heading up to Scotland. Sometimes, a girl just has to take a complete break from her day-to-day life and I will be spending several days stretching out my legs walking the West Highland Way.

Escort in Scotland

I bet you didn’t expect me to say that! Anyway, a few days walking in the wilds of Scotland is the perfect way to refresh and re-charge. I’ll be back next week raring to go…