Girlfriend Experience Explained

Getting on friendly terms with GFE services may involve some kind of a research. We have decided to make it easier for our clients to learn about GFE as much as possible. We continue explaining the subtleties of girlfriend experience and making this service more familiar with those who feels in need of using it. 

There are clients at Lilyfields Escorts who are seeking more of an emotional connection than a night out here and there with a beautiful woman. This can often be a tricky encounter to manage but, as an escort, do it right and watch the unfolding of a beautiful – and in some cases lifelong – friendship.

What’s the girlfriend experience about?

Being an escort isn’t all about simply spending an hour or two in a client’s company. Often it involves investing a lot of time and emotion in a client you meet on a regular basis – whether once or twice a week, every month or whenever they’re in town and would like to see you. Obviously there are compensations on both sides. For the escort it tends to be regular work while for the client it means he doesn’t have to spend hours getting to know a new woman every time he wants female companionship.

The girlfriend experience allows a certain level of intimacy to build up. It’s natural that you speak a lot and get to know the ins and outs of each other’s lives. Of course, from the escort’s point of view, it’s important to keep a certain distance too for this is not a typical relationship; being more on the client’s terms than yours.

Other compensations of the girlfriend experience

Some escorts will work exclusively for the one client. In which case they may be rewarded with accommodation and financial compensation (think of the courtesans of old who lovingly nurtured and entertained their companions). The same is true today although it’s more a case of mutual respect.

What are the client’s circumstances?

Some clients who look for the girlfriend experience are incredibly busy businessmen and entrepreneurs who simply don’t have the time to meet with, and date, a woman. Others may feel themselves stuck in a loveless marriage but obligations such as providing for children (on a financial and emotional level) keep them there. Some clients may be single but lonely and don’t want the emotional upheaval of a traditional relationship. As they say, it takes all sorts.

When it comes down to it though, the one factor that all clients who seek the girlfriend experience seem to be missing out on in their day to day life, is that of intimacy. And this is something an escort can certainly provide.

You can find out more about our services and the girlfriend experience itself from our Lilyfields website right here. Take a look and if you’ve any questions do get in touch.