The Scottish Meet Up: Meeting Him

And she is back! Our escort has returned from her walking holidays in Scotland and brought the continuation of her adventures meeting a man of her dreams. Her captivating story is something that deserves your attention and time to read. This is the best proof that Lilyfields escorts cannot be unnoticed wherever they go. Their bright personalities are worth being admired! 

I’m back from my Scottish walking holiday – refreshed. That’s quite literally refreshed as it did rain rather a lot whilst I was in Scotland. Still, when you are as hot as me, a dousing of cold water can certainly come in handy…

I bet you are still surprised that Lilyfields London escorts such as me like simple pleasures such as a walking holiday? It is probably because a walking holiday far, far away from the hustle and bustle of London is in complete contrast to my everyday life. A change is a good as a rest, they say, and as a consequence of my walking, I am thoroughly refreshed and ready to start up work once more with a big, welcoming smile on my face.

Not that my walking holiday was without incident, as you can imagine. I wore sensible walking clothes, of course, but even at a remote B&B in the middle of nowhere I managed to attract attention. There was only one other guest – a man in his late 30s who perked up somewhat when I made an appearance at breakfast.

“Oh hello,” says he, as he waded his way manfully through a very large breakfast. “I love the West Highland Way, don’t you? Where are you heading off to today, maybe we could double up? I mean, I could just make sure you stay safe…?”


A lot of the reason for my walking holiday was peace, quiet and solo time so 30s man’s offer wasn’t whole-heartedly welcome. On the other hand, he was incredibly good-looking – dark haired, strong and muscular looking and tall, just my type – so a gel shouldn’t guard her solitary time too strongly…

I said where I’d be walking and that he was welcome to join me for part of the way. The landlady winked at me as she dished up my breakfast. Later, she told me that he’d told her he had been planning on walking a different route to the way I was going.

“Ah reckon he’s changed his plans for you hen,” she said, and I concluded she was right.

Of course, we started off with small talk. What did I do for a living, he inquired? It’s always the million dollar question isn’t it? Do I reveal my profession or not? I went for the safe, I work in the hospitality industry option, rather than actually I’m one of the best Lilyfields escorts in London.

At the end of that day we parted company. I’d enjoyed myself with him, but I don’t think pursuing this interest is a good idea at the moment. He asked for my phone number and I did the old one wrong number trick. Ah well!