The Scottish Meet-up: A Persistent Phone Call

Lilyfields escorts have strong personalities and sometimes it is difficult to convince them of doing something they don’t want. However, if there is a moment of hesitation from their side, there is a hope they will be convinced. Here is how one client’s phone call made one of our escort girls agree to have a personal romantic date. Actually, this is the continuation of our story “The Scottish Meet Up”. 

I expect you are burning for an update re my Scottish meet-up . . . ? Recently, I took a walking holiday in Scotland, where a gentleman took an interest in me. I endeavour for anonymity whilst on holiday and to keep myself to myself, but sometimes things happen that I can not predict and prevent.

This was one such occasion. There I was in a B&B in the middle of nowhere and a very handsome man noticed me. I enjoyed his company, but I reasoned to myself that starting a relationship with him was going to be way too complicated.

Even though I liked him.

So I gave him a false phone number (with regret) and thought that was that. I would never hear from him again.

Fate decided to play a different trick on me, however. Last week, Tom* phoned me. Through some very thorough detective work he had managed to trace me, which meant he knew I worked as one of the Lilyfields escorts in London. At least when he phoned me, I didn’t have to explain that. He had contacted me; ergo that meant he knew and he did not object.


He asked if we could meet up. All kinds of emotions and thoughts ran through me head. Yes, no. Yes, no. Yes, no. I had worked out all of the pros and cons of getting into a relationship in my head when I first met him, and I had weighed up the situation before deciding that the cons outweighed the pros. Did I need to assess the situation afresh? Lilyfields London escorts aren’t usually indecisive.

With regret, I said no.

I hadn’t reckoned on Tom’s persistence, though. Perhaps he heard the regret in my voice. He gave up then, but he phoned me again the next day. And the next because on the second day, I said no again. Perhaps once more he heard too much hesitation when I muttered my refusal. By day three, my voice cracked slightly when I said “no” and he seized his advantage.

“Sophia*, I don’t think either of us can ignore the strength of the feeling between us. And I’m a man who always gets what he wants.”

The seconds ticked by as the racing thoughts circulated in my mind. I had gone over all this before.

I sighed. “Yes then. Where shall we meet?”