The Scottish Meet-up: A Date at a Cafe

“The Scottish Meet Up” story is becoming more feelings involved! Sophia meets Tom on a cafe date in London. There is no doubt that there is something more than a mere infatuation on both sides. Sometimes our feelings are so strong that we can hardly control the situation. Sophia seems to be out of control… 

I bet you’ve been dying to read more about my Scottish meet-up saga . . ?

Regular readers (and I’m so pleased if you are one of them) will know; sometime ago I went to Scotland for a walking holiday and whilst there, I met a very nice chap called Tom* who rather liked me. And I liked him, but I thought the complications of my escort life would put him off and, rather than risk getting to know him and falling in love with him, I would say “no” right at the very start.

Escorts at Lilyfields in London can have relationships, but I just felt it was too complicated and difficult at the moment. Tom, however, was not put off, and, after me saying “no” several times, I did finally agree to go on a date with him.

“Cut to the chase,” I hear you saying. What happened?

Most of my life is glamorous so to mark the difference, I suggested a very ordinary meeting. Why didn’t he meet me at the coffee shop on Cowcross Street at lunchtime? Lunchtime ifs often a good suggestion for meeting someone – if things do not work, you can always pretend another appointment and make your escape after an hour.

I dressed down – jeans, an ordinary tee shirt, trainers and no make-up. It went against my instincts as I do take a professional pride in my appearance, but again I wanted my date not to feel like a meeting with a client.

When I got to the café, I wondered if I had made a mistake. I could see Tom from where I stood outside, and that he was scanning the street and looking up at every customer who came in. He looked as amazing as I remembered and I felt my heart flutter.

“Too late Sophie*,” I thought to myself, “if you were trying to prevent yourself from falling in love with him.”

When I walked, a huge smile lit up his features and he stood up. He offered to buy me a coffee and he bought some carrot cake too, but I found myself unable to swallow.

“I’m so glad you are here,” he said to me. “To be honest, I thought you wouldn’t turn up.”


“I want to know everything about you,” he said then, and I stiffened. What could I tell him about my life as one of the best Lilyfields London escorts?

He saw me stiffen, and he smiled. “Tell me your hopes and dreams. Tell me what you watch on TV and which books you choose to read when you are on your own. That’s the kind of stuff I want to know…”

The real me, hmm? Will I be meeting him again? Is he now my “boyfriend”? You will have to wait and see!