Weekend in Glasgow

This is a story of one of Lilyfields escorts who tells how she enjoys travelling to Glasgow to meet with her friend (a former Lilyfields escort) who moved to Scotland and lives in the apartment paid by one of her clients. Glasgow as well as London has a lot of opportunities to have fun, it is one of the cities where nightlife goes full swing. 

I’m looking forward to this weekend in Glasgow when I board the plane. Why? Because I’m meeting up with an escort friend up there and over the next three weeks or so we’ll be working – and playing – throughout the Commonwealth Games. A former escort I worked with here at Lilyfields before she moved northwards, my friend is happily ensconced in a wonderful flat (paid for by a client).

This ultra-modern apartment has access to a heated pool with bar and sits in Glasgow’s up market Merchant City area. But it’s not just the thought of luxuriating in the flat that fills me with glee – I love Glasgow as a place too. Ok maybe this time round it’s going to be a little (a lot) different than previously, thanks to the fact that half the town centre locations with be cordoned off for athletes and sporting events, but the atmosphere will definitely be even more electric than usual. And that’s saying something!


I’ve always found Glasgow, like London, to be one of those cities that never sleeps. There are plenty of venues where you can party all night and all next morning too (provided you can remain standing). It’s also the friendliest place I’ve been to on earth. For instance, you can’t even go for a walk at weekend in Glasgow without some stranger striking up a conversation with you. Sit in a bar on your own? Nope not in Glasgow – well, you will maybe sit there for 15 minutes or so before a nearby table full of people realises you’ve no-one to talk to then asks you to join them.

Glasgow is also the heart of the Scottish media industry (which is brilliant for gossip on a night out) and you can bet my former Lilyfields model escort friend and I will be meeting up with a few editors and publishing executives before the week is through. Insurance is another big sector up here and one where you can be sure there are always plenty of clients looking for a rendezvous or two.

And talking of which, apparently there are a few special boxes reserved for us at some of the up-and-coming events. I’m very glad about this since it’s always nice to get a close up view of some of those amazingly tanned and perfectly sculpted bodies you always get at these types of sporting events. And then there are the athletes…