Models Become Escorts

Escorts industry is mostly filled with former models and indeed escorts are often called models by most escorts agencies’ owners. It is not only because the services they provide are highly professional but also these girls are ex-models. So what makes many models continue their career in escort agencies?

A lot of ordinary girls dream to become top models. They imagine themselves on the well-known podiums demonstrating collections of fashionable designers. They dream to have a nice posture, feminine gait and a perfect figure. And of course, every girl has a dream to attract men’s attention. When these dreams come true and girls achieve their goals becoming top models, they recognize that the world of fashion is severe and cold. Models behave like tigers; they fight for the best place, collection, salary. They are merciless.

When top models become older, or when they become not so popular in the public and fashionable circles, they are dead on their feet. Nobody needs them, nobody pays attention to them. Their glory and proud of being a top model disappear. They cannot demonstrate clothing on catwalks, fashionable designers forget about them. What is left for most ex-top models is to attract attention and demonstrate something for money. Here comes the choice of becoming an escort. For most girls the choice is easy since they have no profession which will help them to make both ends meet and fashionable designers do not provide them with work.

Escorting is quite similar to the work of models. Escorts are in the center of men’s views and attention. Besides all escorts are beautiful, well-groomed, smart, intelligent and they have perfect bodies. Top models possess all these characteristics and they do not have to learn something new. Top models have all qualities and characteristics to become good escorts. And they use this chance in order to show themselves that they are cute, popular and desired. Escorting helps them restore their inner strength and believe that they are desired, loved.

Top models got used to drawing attention and escorts do the same. They attract attention of handsome well-off men and envious women. The main part of escorting is communication. There is no wonder that former top models are practically the best escorts nowadays. All top models have a great command of English; they are smart and can take part in any conversation. So now it is clear why top models choose escorting as the continuation of their profession. Here they feel completely at home. Working as escorts, models get a wonderful opportunity to develop and improve their financial status.