Kissing Tips from Escorts

Kissing is one of the most pleasant parts of a romantic relationship. Kissing techniques vary from couple to couple, every person has their own secret method of kissing. London model girls have some helpful tips for those who have not worked out their kissing secrets.

Take it easy! It isn’t scary at all; it is fun to kiss a guy you like! Model escorts are giving some advice which will help you for sure to keep the fear at bay and kiss him. If you want to kiss a guy, just do it! He will surely like it in case you have just started to date or he likes you, too. Do not do it at the first date though. It’s better to make him wait a little bit and want to see you again and again.

  • Don’t let him go too far right after he tastes your kiss for the first time, otherwise he will think you are an obscene escort.
  • Boys like kissing, they really do! Sometimes you might do the first step to break the ice, if your boyfriend is too shy.
  • If he takes you away from the dancing crowd to some intimate place at a party this means he is ready for the first step. Don’t be scared and relax.
  • When there are just two of you, look at him slowly and then straight into his eyes. Now turn your face slowly turn to him your face and, if he does the same, set your look on his hair. At this moment you may give him a quick gentle kiss, but if you are not brave enough, draw near him thus letting him know that you are waiting for a kiss.
  • In case the guy hugs you every opportune moment, he is ready for a kiss, but he is afraid of your reaction.
  • Don’t hesitate for too long! Just think of your boyfriend, of how you are happy with him, how cute he is and how good he smells…
  • Don’t be too indecisive! If you both aren’t too much experienced, then just relax and have pleasure.
  • Don’t be doubt about revealing initiative. Guys like decisive model escorts.
  • When you want to kiss a guy, make sure it isn’t crowdy there. Some people don’t like kissing in public places, for it is a rather intimate moment and it doesn’t have to be made a parade of.
  • Using good perfumery is ok, unless you are over-diligent.
  • Don’t use neither lip gloss nor bright lipstick for a date, they are rather sticky which may be unpleasant for a guy. Lip balms with strawberry or watermelon aroma would be very suitable.
  • To prevent unpleasant smell from your mouth, drink water often and take a spray-freshener for mouth.
  • In case you are going to kiss and your partner’s breath isn’t fresh enough try to offer him a chewing gum. If the partner refuses, model escorts use a secret trick: the put two chewing gums into their mouth and while kissing leave one of them in the mouth of their partner.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. There are men who don’t like kisses with tobacco taste.
  • You may seem ready for a kiss, but don’t rush. Give him some time to get morally prepared.
  • If you haven’t seen him for a couple of months, run towards him and embrace him. Thus he will feel that you are glad and exited and a kiss is indispensable.
  • Just be relaxed and sincere, and it’s going to be perfect 😉