Latina Appeal

Most of Liyfields escorts are Latin-originated. Is this an advantage or a disadvantage for an escort’s profession? There are a few points to discuss about Latina females, Latina appeal and their interest to British men. Join in! 

When you work at Lilyfields escorts, you attract a lot of clients who love Latina women. But why is this the case? Why is Latina appeal so popular?

This is something I think about a lot. There are all the superficial reasons, of course. Latina women tend to have fabulous skin tone – from fair, to light caramel, to olive, to a darker toffee. Latina women’s skin is usually clear, smooth and with a lovely sheen which makes us look very healthy. And healthy is always attractive.


There is culture as well, among Latina women and London escorts in general, to make the most of what they have. From a young age, we are taught the basics of good skincare, making the most of make-up and how to style your hair properly. (Here’s a little tip for you ladies – if you ever want to find out how to blow-dry your hair properly – ask a Latin lady for her expert advice).

My mother and my grandmother before her were very keen on good style too. They ignored fashion for the most part, because they only wanted to wear the clothes that suited them. That’s good advice in general isn’t it? Wear the clothes that make you look good and ignore the fashionable.

I remember a few years ago when Ugg boots first came out and my mother saw someone wearing them in the street. “What are they?” she exclaimed in disgust. When I told her, she said – “Darling, the clue’s in the name!”

Many of Latina escorts are blessed with great genes too – the genes that give us amazing bone structure and curves in all the right places. We escorts all have the curves that count – y’know what I mean – a body that goes in and out and a booty that is irresistibly peachy.

Our energy and vitality is kind of infectious too. A Latina girl is usually a great conversationalist – she can talk about a whole lot of subjects (our educations tend to be very thorough) with passion and knowledge.

The brain is often an under-rated sexual attraction, but think about it – think about how many people are attracted to powerful, knowledgeable or creative types. We lovely Latin girls know our bodies and faces give us an advantage, but we’re not superficial enough for that to be our only advantage.

No way!

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