A Date on the 1st of January in London

Put a new beginning to your life in the coming year. New Year is by far the best way to change one’s life, bring novelty in it and become happier. If one is lonely in their life it is the time to break up with this loneliness mate and find a life partner. Why not appointing your first date on the 1st of January? We at Lilyfields has decided to help one with the list romantic places in London for the 1st of January. 

New Year time is a great time to start life from the scratch or change something cardinally. And if you are alone it is high time you found your sweetheart. Arrange date on the 1st of January with one of your acquaintances or invite an escort girl in London and you will find out that it is the best beginning of the new year you have ever had. For such an occasion it is important to choose a romantic and not a trite place. So one may read a list of TOP 7 places for unusual dating in London on the first of January.

Walk along the Thames

Take hand of a lovely escort and walk along the coast of Thames. Undoubtedly, this one of the most beautiful places of London and it is available to everyone. And in the evening when the magnificent view of the city is reflected in waters of the Thames – Westminster Bridge and Palace, Big Ben – Thames embankment looks especially magnificent.

Arrange “cultural” dating at the southern coast

Actually, the western part of London where all concert and theater spots are concentrated, is intended for classical appointment. But it is better to surprise a girl and choose something special – appointment at the southern coast of the Thames which is traditionally known for the abundance of objects of art and culture. There is a Royal National theater and the Royal festival hall.

Let Shakespeare speak love language instead of you

Romeo and Juliette, Beatrice and Benedict, Ferdinand and Miranda… William Shakespeare created eternal love stories and lover-characters for all times. Invite a romantic escort to one of Shakespeare’s plays in Globe Theater and let the author speak instead of you.

Drink a glass of champagne at the height

The world’s largest wheel London Eye is not a new sight, but it still remains the most favourite tourist attraction. It was constructed in 1999 as one of projects for celebration of new millennium. Offer a beautiful escort to admire a fine townscape and to drink a glass of champagne at London Eye capsule. Believe, this dating you will remember forever.

Feel the nature

There are a lot of parks where it is possible to take pleasure not only walking and admiring the view, but also meeting inhabitants of the wild nature – ducks, geese, pelicans. And if you with the escort take pine nuts, you will be able to feed forest inhabitants – squirrels.

Take pleasure in having dinner in moonlight at the Thames

What can be more romantic than night cruise across the Thames with a dinner in moonlight? A perfect scenario for a date on the 1st of January. If in this atmosphere you are able to distract attention from the escort, you also will be able to receive unforgettable impressions observing a night townscape and its most known landscapes.

Arrange time traveling to bewitching Venice

Of course, you won’t find Italian architecture and lovely gondolas in London, but small Venice is the bewitching region of London where at any time it is possible to spend time with the soulmate: to walk along the embankment and to visit restaurants and bars.