Latin Escorts Booties

Who knows how to keep your bootie in shape better than Latin escorts? Best exercises for keeping their escorts booties tight and smooth are shared by adventurous Latin girls of Lilyfields. Make your bottom a proud sign of your beauty together with Latin girls for there’s no time when a woman feels more confident than in a perfect shape. 

I blogged recently about panties and how much I adore them. Honestly, every woman should make sure her drawers are filled with panties for every occasion. Silk, satin and the odd crotch-less pair for a little surprise for your husband or partner…

This is something I think about a lot. There are all the superficial reasons, of course. Latina women tend to have fabulous skin tone – from fair, to light caramel, to olive, to a darker toffee. Latina women’s skin is usually clear, smooth and with a lovely sheen which makes us look very healthy. And healthy is always attractive.

But here is the proviso – panties look best on a toned bottom. As I’m a Latin lady, I’m blessed with generations of good genes and when Mama Nature was handing out her goodies, she gave the women of my family a lovely, juicy, peachy bootie. We are lucky enough to have the genetic predisposition for the coveted ice-cream scoop bottom.


I don’t ever take my bootie for granted though. All of us, the owners of perfect bums, adventurous escort girls know the key to a good bootie it eating well and doing your squats. Regularly.

So first, eat clean. That means lots of fruit and vegetables and not very much in the way of processed foods. Lean protein, unrefined carbohydrates and healthy fats make for a happy butt. I’m quite keen on coconut oil and the added bonus is that it makes a great moisturiser for your posterior too.

Then there are the squats. Now, you need to make them count ladies. You have to clench your glutes as you go down and up and you need to sink as low as possible in order to activate the muscles. Concentrate on sinking back onto your heels, keeping your back straight and your chest out (your back shouldn’t round up) and your head up. Now do it 200 times! I also like weighted squats as I think they give great definition to the bottom.

Other butt exercises I rate are the high step up. You step up onto a dining chair, doing ten step-ups on one side, ten step-ups on the other and then repeating for three times each side. It’ll hurt, but it’ll carve out that bootie like nothing else.

Then there’s the donkey kick. You crouch on all fours (which you might need to do in private, else you attract the wrong kind of attention…) and kick a leg up with your foot flexed until the leg is in line with your body. Do ten one side, then ten the next and repeat.

Walking up and down hills is another great way to build best butt. Try to do this two or three times a week.

OK, if you try out all of these exercises one day, you’re going to hate me the next. You’ll be feeling those muscles for sure the next day and they are going to ache.

But just wait till you’re standing there in your panties – or getting ready for a beach holiday. You’ll thank me when you see those glorious, defined curves! Adventurous escorts know best when it comes to butt-shaping!

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