Hot Nightlife Clubs of London

Are visiting London for the first time? Or do you need some fresh ideas where to hang out with escorts at night? We are ready to suggest you to the most prominent London nightlife spots – hot clubs London. Be ready to have the noisiest and most adventurous night with London escorts. 

Great Britain is not only traditions and ceremonies, parks and ancient architectural constructions, but also it is modern night clubs with DJs who are world famous. It is difficult to find the party-goer who does not know such famous people clubbing as Sasha, John Digvid, and James Zabyela. And though these mega-stars practically don’t play music in native London, other well known people also play music at hot clubs London.

So when you are ready to visit London night club while dating with pretty escort, pay attention to the existence a face control in Great Britain. For example, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci clothes will not provide you with the entrance in Funky Buddha or in China white. To offer money for the entrance is useless, people who aren’t the members of these hot clubs London, won’t enter there.

However it isn’t necessary to be upset, because there are a lot of open clubs which are interferer to in service, registration and quality of music to the closed night clubs and where you can go with London escort girl. Fabric, The End, Ministry of Sound, Turnmills are huge dancing complexes with uncountable quantity of the dancing floors and qualitative music from the best DJs. And there is any external glamour. Even very rich British come here in jeans, and they do not differ from other people.

At 5 a.m. all these institutions are closed, but after-party clubs are opened. Then the pre-party clubs open. So if you really want to hang out with the escort, it won’t be a problem to do it round the clock.

Paper club
The Hollywood stars quite often arrange here after-parties, counting on a secret exit thanks to which it is possible to avoid paparazzi, and the room with special lighting which doesn’t allow other people to see drinking celebs. Kira Knightley, Misha Barton, Natali Portman, Lindsey Lohan and others prefer Paper night club.

Annabel’s club
Red velvet sofas and portraits of dogs on walls in the bar attract visitors to Annabel’s club. Entrance is exclusive with club cards (from 250 to 750 pounds per a year). On weekdays lords and ladies come here in order to dance and have dinner after theater performances, but on days off more democratic public come. Somehow Madonna came here, but when she found out that there were no people wearing jeans she left.

Funky Buddha
It is the night club combining the Victorian elegance and magnificence. Funky Buddha combines the European luster and East simplicity.
Funky Buddha is a place which you should visit together with London escort. By the way it is worth coming here if you want to meet football players, Hollywood stars, boys from the Russian playboy and long-legged models. The prices are definitely high.

You can order a little table in the VIP zone where it is possible to sit and where waiters serve your table, or to spend evening on a dancing floor. In any case, if you came to Funky Buddha, you should dance, drink and flirt with London escorts.