Female and Male Clients of Escorts

It is a common misconception that females don’t resort to escorts’ service – Lilyfields escorts are often booked by women. Escorts who render services both for men and women are called bisexual. These girls have a special approach to their female and male clients because they have different aims and expectations from the service. What exactly differs male and female clients? 

Are women from Venus and men from Mars? I know a lot about men – the good, the bad and the ugly – and I like to think I’m an expert on the way the male brain works.

But what about women? Do they think so very differently from men? I have my fair share of female and male clients, but I also have a lot of platonic female friends and I like to think that I’ve gotten to know the differences between the sexes pretty well – despite my youth!


I’m definitely sure that women can multi-task (and multi-think) at the same time, whilst for men this can be challenging. What’s my proof of this? Well, Lilyfields bisexual escorts know the importance of the visual for a man, and sometimes when I’m dressed up in all my best gear and a client sees me for the first time, he’s struck dumb.

I can try saying things to him, or I can make suggestions about what we do – but my poor old client is too busy getting his brain to try and process the image in front of him. He certainly can’t listen at the same time.

For a female client, I always think of a multi-sensory experience. Women like the visual, the aural and the kinetic – all at one. Lilyfields bisexual escorts in London who handle both sexes know this very well too, and we always ensure our ladies see our beautiful bodies, are rewarded with compliments themselves and have something lovely to touch too.

And women in general certainly like a lot of conversation; a kind of getting-to-know you chat before we get down to business.

You see the differences too, when men and women split up from partners. I’ve met up with a lot of male clients who have split up from their girlfriend/wife really recently (the soonest was once a guy who’d split two days earlier). With women, I’ve had straight female clients who found themselves a bit curious some weeks down the line and wanted to do a little bi-curiosity exploring. Or lesbians who want to get back at their partners by hooking up with someone beautiful.

In general, though – women don’t feel that same need to reinforce their sexual self after a split. Or not with an escort anyway!