Halloween Party with an Escort

Lilyfields escorts are happy to join any of the spooky nights out in London. Most of the girls are in for Halloween celebrations. Halloween is one of not numerous holidays when one can combine its pleasures and mysteries and have a wonderful time in a company of our charming escorts. Are you ready to dress up? 

Happy Hallowe’en! Will I be getting dressed up for Hallowe’en? You bet I will…

Lilyfields escorts in London often get asked to Hallowe’en parties. Well, who can resist a devil in angel’s clothing?! Not many men, I can tell you.

Hallowe’en is one of my favourite parties of the year. Last year, I got invited to the most amazing Hallowe’en party and I’m not sure I will ever be able to top it.


A client was launching a new club and he was launching it in November, but he wanted a preview kind of opening so he chose Hallowe’en as the date to do the preview opening. Naturally, he wanted his club to look its very best and to look as if it would be the kind of place you would find beautiful girls so he booked me and a few of my Lilyfields London colleagues for the job.

We had a lot of fun dressing up for that night. I opted to go as a sexy witch, so I painted myself with green body paint and I left my blonde hair loose. I added red lips and nails, and I chose a dark dress with a bodice and a mink skirt. I paired it with thigh high stilettos and of course I went for the pointy hat.

The club launch night was a riot. There were hundreds and hundreds of people there, all imbibing freely of the green cocktail on offer and enjoying the Halloween themed music that the DJ was pumping out.

Naturally, my witch’s costume got a lot of interest. The boots seemed to be particularly popular and one or two cheeky people tried to undo my bodice laces. I handed out plenty of business cards and I’ve had regular clients as a result ever since.

The club had also arranged some old-fashioned Halloween games such as bobbing for apples, a donut eating race and a Mummy wrap. I took part in the Mummy wrap, but quite a few people explained that wrapping up my curves was temptation indeed – only because they were so inclined to then unwrap me.

There aren’t any Halloween invites on the agenda yet, but I’m sure there will be someone looking for a spooky night out.

And I’m certainly up for that.

Choose your way to celebrate Hallowe’en with Lilyfields escorts on http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/festivalsandevents/11192236/Londons-best-Halloween-parties-and-events.html