First Escorts Experience

It seems that there are no men who haven’t booked escorts’ services at least once in their lives. There are a lot of them who did it lots of times. Although, the practice proves that there are still males who do not dare doing it. This story is especially for such men.

First experience can be hard. Everyone knows that. This is why this story is a small guide based on my first experience with a London escort. I hope it helps ensure one’s potential visit to this city and get all entertainments it offers.

Escorts can be vixen, so the first thing to keep your mind cold when visiting London and calling on an escort. Looking for escorts services in London one should acknowledge the fact that independent escorts unlike agency escorts can resort to thievery. It was a very important thing for me to recall when I was out with an independent escort. The only name that was exchanged was her first one, which I am almost definite wasn’t even her real one. No personal information was exchanged, keeping the evening free of chit chat and unimportant small talk. Mostly, I liked the services of an independent escort; however, I was not able to relax completely as there was something that bothered me.

My visit to London was a long one so I decided to try my luck with an escort working at the agency. My cooperation with the agency was a perfect one. My private payment method was dealt with over the phone before I met the girl. I have looked through an array of escorts on the agency’s website. There were a great number of beautiful companions to choose from. My choice was based on the price, appearance, language skills (assuming that there are a lot of escorts from all over the world in London).

Once that was taken care of, I found the place to meet. Since this is London, I wanted a nice and classy place, qualified for the special experience. The most common place to go to is a hotel, which was what I picked. I chose the Millennium Hotel in Knightsbridge. It was a spectacular night. If one lives in London or rents a flat or whatever the specific case might be, it is necessary consider the fact that an escort will know where one is staying. If that is okay and one has no problem with this being within her knowledge, or wants to save money, then, by all means, it is an option to go for.

When the very fun starts: the escort arrives. She should be offered a beverage of some sort. It could be wine, champagne, even beer. Personally, I offered fine, chilled red wine that I had ordered from a room service. We both enjoyed a glass before settling down. To begin the evening I got a nice massage. This was, after all, my first time doing this. After her refreshing massage, I offered her one, but she refused. She sensed my tenseness begin to act up again. I felt like I made an ass of myself with my question, but she made me feel better instantly by telling me it was fine and to just, once again, r-e-l-a-x. I heaved in a breath and we shared a beautiful, hot night together.