Top 5 Hot Countries of Autumn Holidays

Autumn is the time when all of us are missing hot weather. Why not have sunshine holidays in autumn? What countries to visit with a lovely Lilyfields escort and have your share of warmth for autumn holidays? Read on! 

If you want to get away to somewhere warm during the autumn holidays, there are plenty of choices to make. What could be better, however, than travelling here accompanied by an adventurous escort, with whom you can enjoy the heat together? There is nothing quite like a holiday in the sun with the arms of a beautiful woman around you, after all. Let’s take a look at some top destinations.


Crete, Greece

Crete is a very popular island, but not so much during the autumn. The south of the island has the climate of northern Africa, which is still very warm. Although the resorts will have closed their doors, you can still enjoy the beaches and the sunshine. Furthermore, the olives and grapes will be harvested and that is a site not to be missed. Various hotels still offer self-catering accommodation, many of which are near beaches and towns, so you won’t spend a moment being bored.

Ibiza, Spain

The slumber in the Mediterranean starts in September, but Ibiza still has a few tricks left up its sleeve. It is during this time that most of the big clubs have closing parties, with clubs such as Space and Amnesia having some of the best ones. If you have an outcall London escort who can move, this is certainly the place to be. If, however, you want something more quiet and romantic, there are lots of places slightly further inland that you could choose from as well.

Getting Steamy

Of course, a trip with an escort means things need to get steamed up a little bit as well. So why not go to Ny Carlsberg Glypotek, which is a steamy glasshouse where you can enjoy various exotic palm trees and beautiful water features and sculptures. It is a beautiful museum and you will come out hot, bothered and ready for some more action.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh is the height of all things exotic. It offers both relaxation and adventure, culture and art and more. You can choose to be in Marrakesh proper, or go slightly further afield to towns like Tigmi, where you can enjoy true romance in the comfort of a wonderful hotel. Plus, you can take a shuttle bus to Marrakesh so you don’t miss any of the action there either.

Le Marche, Italy

At Le Marche, you can enjoy staying in a traditional farmhouse, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. Here, you can take part in a gourmet olive break, where you will get to enjoy all the finest foods of the region for four days. You will see various food markets, take part in tasting wines and olives, enjoy truly gourmet meals such as truffles and chestnuts and help with the harvest of the olives. If you want true romance in a place where it is still warm, this is the place to go to.

Provence, France

The Provence is one of the most romantic parts of France and the temperatures are still warm during the autumn. There are numerous ancient properties here with modern twists, such as pools and stunning gardens. The focus here is on simplicity with mod cons. This means you and your escort can enjoy long walks through undisturbed fields, while settling in for the night watching a DVD on a flat screen television. There are lots to do here, but you will mainly enjoy each other’s company.